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Tier et Tout roulette system

Presently, several roulette systems are available that are designed to increase the chances of winning, as well as alleviate the possibility of losing. Among such methods is the Tier et Tout roulette system. During the 19th century, the system was first used by a businessman and gambler from Spain by the name Thomas Garcia. Being a businessman from a French company, Thomas usually gambles during his leisure time. Thus, the Tier et Tout roulette system is also referred to as the Garcia system. 

At first, Thomas Garcia would engage gambling with other people while using weighted dice and marked cards. However, after making a considerable amount of money, he proceeded into gambling within the four walls of a casino.

Using Multiple Techniques

Afterward, Thomas played in various casinos with roulette being his favourite game. While gambling, he loves to bet on red. After a while, he realized that his old system has started to fail him. Consequently, Thomas masterminded another strategy for himself, a technique that involves betting on 50/50 chance, such as even/odd or black/red.

Tier et Tout Roulette system: The Winning Hand

In August 1860, he moved to play roulette at the Hamburg Casino with his newly developed system. At Hamburg Casino, despite suffering a few losses with a lot of money, he still managed to win a massive 240,000 French francs. After a few weeks, he returned to the roulette business, and again, he managed to win another massive 500,000 French francs. After one year, he went to Hamburg Casino again, but this time around, he lost his entire money and some money borrowed from other gamblers. So, the question; when do I quit? 

For more information about the history of Thomas Garcia and his system, you should read this article collected from the Turf and Casino Magazine. Be informed that it is only available in French.

Tier et Tout Roulette System: How Does the Strategy Work?

From the history revealed, obviously the strategy can help win a considerable amount of profits, as well as lose significantly. However, we haven’t disclosed how to use the system. Here it is: First off, Tier et Tout Roulette system emphasizes on singular opportunities by betting on red/black or 1-18/19-36 or red/black. Additionally, you have to begin with a basic bet which is divisible by 3. 

In our illustration, let’s pick 9 to make things easier. During your first bet, you bet 1/3 of the basic amount. Therefore, your first bet will be 3 euros. On winning the first round, then you will add your winnings to the balance and wager 1/3 during the subsequent round from your overall balance. In our case, it is four euros, since you had collected twelve euros because of your winnings in the last round. 

If you lose, this system demands that you use 2/3 of your entire stock during the next round. For instance, perhaps you lost the second round, you will bet on the remaining nine euros. If you are winning, you should do as explained earlier. However, with a losing streak, you may end up with zero euro. Hence, it is either you stop, or you begin another round with nine euros. Endeavour to always plans about the maximum amount you want to use. In this way, you will know when to stop if things start to go sideways.


While the amount will still be divisible by three at the beginning, in the long run, you will accrue a balance that would not be divisible by the same figure again. In that case, you should round down, and keep the remaining balance – you may consider it as profit. For convenience, here is an overview of the process: When you win during the first or second round, you have to keep playing with the same amount. For instance, if you begin with nine euros and win, then your starting amount is twelve euros in the next round. But in the case of a loss during the first bet, endeavour to bet six euros for the second – for a win, you will have twelve euros.

Tier et Tout Roulette System: Advantages and Disadvantages of the System

While this system offers a way of leaving with a profit after winning the first two rounds, it is not always the case. Also, Tier et Tout roulette system is quite challenging to manage in a real casino since you have to work with a piece of paper to determine your bet and monitor your saved profit so far. However, one significant advantage of the system is that you play safe bets and generate profits within a short period.