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Stop-loss strategy

Well, most roulette gamers play to win as much as possible. While winning depends on luck to a large extent, with a good playing strategy in place, it is possible to increase the chances of winning. And more importantly, one can alleviate the possibility of also losing – although it demands discipline.

Stop-Loss Strategy Explained

This strategy is used after making a profitable win. For instance, if you begin a game with 500 euros, then accrue a profit of 1000 euros, meaning you have a balance of 1500 euros. You may apply the stop-loss strategy by reserving some parts of your profit, for example, 50% of your profit. Then, you can continue playing with the remaining amount. Perhaps you lose the money eventually; you can still go home with the remaining 500 euros profit. In other words, this strategy demands the discipline to use it successfully. Otherwise, you can lose the value of the system while at it.

Use Higher Bets for Play

Increasing the bets is an excellent method of the stop-loss strategy. Now, you can drop vast amounts to play the game without the risk of losing your entire funds. For instance, you can use the 500 euros to bet without the fear of losing your funds. After all, you still have about 500 euros of profit left with you. However, bear in mind that it is not necessary to bet higher; you can also continue to gamble with your basic bets. The difference is that you will have a lesser chance of winning a significant extra profit.

Perform the Strategy Again

Perhaps, you have made a new win with your latest 500 euros bet; then you should try the strategy again. Keep about half of the winning, later play again with the other half. As far as the victory continues, you can keep applying the strategy. So, anytime things go sideways, you can then quit collecting all your winnings. Avoid the temptations of using a small part of your reserved profit since it will likely cost a lot. 

Finally, if you seek a reliable method of handling your winnings smartly, then consider using the stop-loss strategy. Simply make an initial profit, and then apply the 50/50 rule with your profit – it’s that simple!