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Pivot strategy

One of the oldest playing strategies of playing roulette is the pivot strategy. It forms the basis of many other roulette systems and is used by many smart gamblers. With this strategy or method you increase your chances of constant profits and you can easily make the right choice on which to bet. But before you start using this roulette system, you must of course first know exactly how this strategy works.

The idea behind the pivot strategy

The pivot strategy when playing roulette is based on the so-called “Law of the Third”. This is based on a law of nature that describes the following: of the 36 numbers that pass, only 24 will be different. According to this strategy, the number that falls is actually not as random as you might think. The chance that you lose is also minimal according to this law. All you have to do is take some time to keep an eye on the roulette table (and in particular the numbers that fall). If a number falls for the second time, it becomes your pivot number. You then always bet the next 36 turns on that number.

The pivot strategy in practice

Get started with the pivot strategy and see if this roulette system works well for you. First, keep a close eye on the roulette wheel and note the number of each spin. Do you see a song come along for the second time in this series? Then bet on this number on the next turn. You can do this a maximum of 36 times. Has the number not passed again? Accept this loss (of 36 bets) and start the process again by searching for your new pivot number. If you already made a profit before because your pivot number fell, then choose a new pivot number again. Of course your profit is the highest if your number falls fast.

Double your chances with the pivot strategy

Are you already more experienced in playing roulette? To make it even more interesting (and increase your chances), you can also start betting on a new pivot number if your first number has not yet fallen. The moment the second number has fallen for the second time at the roulette table, you will also bet on this number from the next turn. If a third number is added later, you can of course continue on that number. It might cost you a little extra attention, but it makes playing online roulette a lot more fun!