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Paroli system

Currently, several roulette systems are available that help increases the chances of winning in a roulette game; among them is the Paroli system. This strategy is very simple to manage. To use the Paroli system, you have to choose a basic bet. Once you win during the first round, then you have to double the basic bet against the next round. So, you will continue in this way until you get your set profit or lose a round. If you lose, then you have to begin again with your fixed basic bet.

Paroli System: What are the Attributes of the System

In contrast to the Martingale system, this technique doesn’t allow players to lose the entire funds at a few rounds. Eventually, every round is as high as the starting bet, even if a player loses. However, be informed that if you fail to complete a profit series twenty times consecutively, you would have already bet a starting bet twenty times. Consequently, a significant loss will be suffered. Also, endeavour to consider what a complete set of wins entails and how long it will take. For instance, you can decide to win four times consecutively to reach your target. If not, you should continue to play, meaning that you will end with a loss turn.

Paroli System: A Game Example

This system works only on a 50/50 bet, such as red or black, 1-18 or 19-36, and even or odd. For more clarity, here is an example of how to use the Paroli system. Let’s assume that you have a winning streak of 4 consecutive times, and you bet one unit during the first turn. However, you lost the first round, and get a one-unit loss. Then, you begin the subsequent series again with two units and win. After winning, you bet four units, and you win again. During the fourth round, you bet eight units, and you win again. For the fifth round, you bet 16 units. However, you have two times the starting bet of one unit; your total win is fourteen units.

Paroli System: Famous for Simplicity

Most roulette players commonly use the Paroli system because it is easy to manage. Also, it is not necessary to calculate how massive the next bet will be. Even in online casino roulette games, you will find the doubling button for betting in the game. Hence, it’s quite easy to use. However, never forget to return to the basic bet should in case you lose. Be informed that betting on the same chance is unnecessary. 

Moreover, when you change chances, it will be more fun and exciting. For instance, you can choose odd or even in one round, then play red or black during the subsequent round. Also, you can change in every next turn in a series.