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One Hit Wonder strategy

As far as online roulette game is concerned, One Hit Wonder strategy is one of the commonly used systems out there. A player only needs to monitor which numbers are yet to shows up for some period, then begin to use the numbers for all of his/her bets. In short, you simply need to continue playing a number until it wins – thus, the name “One Hit Wonder.” Understandably, it demands some minor preparations, but it remains a simple technique of increasing the possibility of making huge money from roulette games.

One Hit Wonder strategy: Is It a Slow or Smart Technique?

While some players have resolved never to use the system, some are loyalists of the whole idea. With One Hit Wonder strategy, 35 to 1 will be released as payment instantly once a player wins. So, it’s a great win for a single bet. Therefore, the strategy demands patience. 

First off, using One Hit Wonder strategy requires the player to monitor a number which is yet to show. Occasionally, you may learn about it quickly by looking at the board bearing the fallen numbers at the back of the roulette table. After dialling and betting on a number, the next line of action is patience. In a situation where your number falls quickly, it will come out as a nice profit. However, you can also have it the other way round, where the number may never show up. Then, the losses may be fairly significant. As for most roulette players, they prefer to use a strategy that offers a 50% chance of winning, such as the Martingale system.

A Strategy from the Music World

“One Hit Wonder” is a common term in the music industry. Over time, several musicians have come to limelight by scoring highly on the music charts with just a song – but never again to gain any relevance with their subsequent songs. 

Likewise, One Hit Wonder strategy begins by assuming that one day your preferred number will show up. So, you continuously bet with the number until it shows up. Once your preferred number emerges, then you should choose another one instantly.