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Old Barbi system

This system was developed by Richard Grace to increase the chances of winning a roulette game. With the Old Barbi system, you get to cover more than 75% of the numbers available on the roulette table, totaling 28 out of the 37 available digits.

Old Barbi system: Begin with a Practise

Before you start utilizing the Old Barbi system in a game being played with real funds, endeavour to have a comprehensive understanding of the technique. If you ever visit the on-land casinos, it is advisable to begin with chips using the lowest possible value, such as one euro. But if you have become an expert about how the system works, then you can consider placing a more significant value.

Old Barbi System: How to Bet with the System

Perhaps the ball falls on one of your bets within a specific group; you have to skip the group in the next turn, before betting on the group later on. If you are playing on a proper table, then lose once or twice, you should double up your bets to recover from the loss. Once you accomplish your profit target ranging from +27% to +33% (that’s between 16 to 20 chips), ensure that you leave the table. Also, you may start to reduce your subsequent bets after achieving your profit target. You must refrain from betting on even more profit as there is a chance of losing the entire money.

Old Barbi System: The Payout

When you use this system, the payout can come in the following ways:

  • A quad bet occurs in every 9.5 spins and pays eight in one.
  • A double street bet occurs in every 6.33 spins and pays five in one.

If there is no double street within five spins, endeavour to add one token to every double street. 

If there is no single quad in 5 spins, you should add one chip to every quad. 

It is possible to earn all winnings beyond 150% of what you used by taking advantage of hot streaks. You should change it into guarantee stacks on your gaming table. Afterward, continue to play until all the original 50% win is lost or until you lose one or two spins consecutively – it all depends on you. However, refrain from touching your initial buy-in, or the tokens of your guarantee stacks. You increase your entire bets if you collect a guarantee that exceeds 50% extra. Thus, the only risk lies in everything that surpasses your buy-in and guarantee pile.

Strive to Never Switch from the System

Bet precisely as the system says; endeavour not to add or omit chips since you can jeopardize the entire system at once due to imbalance. Avoid using lucky numbers such as the date of your birthday, among others. Besides, by using the old Barbi system, you would have a series of numbers that you can bet on already – within the series, your lucky numbers might be there, though. Endeavour to do a complete doubling in stake whenever you would like to raise. More so, it is inadvisable to choose a newly opened table since you need the scoreboard to see where the previous numbers have fallen. In a situation where a number board is unavailable, look at the numbers of at least 15 spins and keep them prior to the game. 

A repeat of a number in a group from the last spin is known as the repeat group. Old Barbi system is unique for one thing: When you win more, the risk will also reduce further – and vice versa. While a significant loss is hardly experienced by using the Old Barbi system, it is advisable to quit once you experience a loss covering 90% of your purchase or three consecutive losses.

Old Barbi system: Learn to play with Caution

While using this system, endeavour to play carefully. Take note of a table with poor winnings or when the day is not going your way. In such circumstances, don’t struggle with it; otherwise, you will continue to lose more. Instead, look for fair winnings, and it is not a shame to lose once. More so, endeavour to play with discipline so as not to lose all your winnings in the casino before you leave. With every system comes a period of loss, including the Old Barbi System. However, it is salient that you don’t change the system once you begin with a game.

Old Barbi system: Some “House rules” about Old Barbi

  • Bet, and win, then stop and remember.
  • Improve or lose.
  • Do not bet until 2 or 3 houses have emerged. Afterward, start playing and betting.
  • House numbers include 4/7, 16/19, 22/23/24, 34/35/36. Never bet on the house numbers.
  • Pick a table that includes the following numbers as it trending numbers: 5, 6, 8, 9/10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15/17, 18, 19, 21/23, 24, 26, 27/28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33.

While the system might appear challenging to discover, it is not as it seems; the more game you play, the easier it becomes.

Old Barbi System: The Orange Circles (Alternative bets)

The quads are referred to as the alternative bets or the orange circles on the table. Endeavour to commence your game with 5/9 quad, then stick with it until 6 or 9 emerges. Afterward, you should change to 4/8 during the next round, then again, stay until 4 or 7 appears. Then, return to 5/9. Peradventure, among the numbers, one of them is trending (two times consecutively), ensure that you do not change. Use the 17/21 quad to begin, then continue to use it for your betting until 18 or 21 shows up. Afterward, proceed to 16/20 then continue to use it for your betting until 16 or 19 shows up. Now, return to 17/21. If a number is trending, you shouldn’t change; stick to what you have. The same process goes with the 23/27 quad; wait until 22 or 25 emerges, then proceed to 22/26. Now, stick to it until 22 or 25 shows up again. As we mentioned earlier, do not switch with a trending number. 

Mathematically, the system possesses some balanced bets. Considering that you don’t know where the next ball will stay, all bets have to be balanced. A yield of four chips is achievable from each betting location.