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New Barbi system

Among roulette systems that come handy to players for increasing their chances of winning is the New Barbi System. Although this system is a derivative of the Old Barbi system, it is better with some sharp effectiveness. To get a good grip about the modus operandi of the New Barbi system, we recommend reading how the Old Barbi system works in this portal. Nevertheless, read further to learn what the New Barbi system is all about.

81% plus of the numbers are covered

This system is considered as the most conceived roulette system as it tends to cover 10 out of the 12 streets on the roulette table, which is equivalent to 81%. A player is allowed to bet 1x or 2x multiple. This implies that it is possible to wager two chips or many chips on every ten streets. So, eventually, you would have bet a total of 20 chips to accrue a net profit of four chips or a 20-chip loss.

Four-Out-Of-Five Chance

Using the New Barbi System means that you cover 81% of the European table having a single zero with your bet. Consequently, you have a four out of five chance of falling on a number which you have chosen. Hence, this technique, combined with a bit of luck, can keep you winning the house. More so, if you practice a sound money management system, you can complement a loss within five spins or beforehand using a double bet. Additionally, you can enhance your chances of winning even more if you pay attention to the result boards.

New Barbi system: Which streets are advisable to choose?

Aside from covering 81% of the streets on the roulette table, another important consideration is how to pick the right streets and which streets should not be selected. First off, always check the result board, and try to overlook the last two streets that have emerged already. Thus, every two streets that you are likely not to pick might entirely depend on the previous spins. Rather than using the streets, you can also play with 0, 1, 2, or 0, 2, 3. By so doing, you would have added the 0 – if the zero has not emerged in twelve successive spins, then you will be placing a fair bet quickly.