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Memory game roulette

Memory Game System

Understandably, most players want a roulette system that can help maximize their chances of winning. Among the systems that come handy in such regard is the Memory Game. This system is widely used among players. Principally, it is based on a theory that says: A number that was shown previously in roulette will not rise again soon. Thus, you should bet on the numbers that are yet to be revealed.

How to Use the Memory Game System

To begin with, as a player, you need to watch a series of roulette games without betting. Afterward, you should take note of the numbers that have been revealed by writing them down – it will make things easier. Now, all you should do is to bet on all numbers on the tables except those you have recorded as fallen numbers. For instance, if the colour red has fallen several times consecutively, then black has a greater chance of coming up in the next round.

Using the Last Three Digits for Memory Game

The majority of gamers tend to remember only the last three numbers shown; hence, they often omit the three numbers while placing one bet on other numbers. Then, they would win when new numbers wagered on comes up. Understandably, such wins might not be highly profitably (for instance, you can bet 35 and get 36 in return); however, the chance of winnings will be increased. If you believe that you can manage the memory game strategy, try it on any online casinos that come to mind.

Does Roulette Have Memory?

A straight answer is that roulette does not have memory. Whether it is even or odd numbers, it doesn’t matter to the game. A number might have fallen 20 times or yet to be seen on five occasions; whichever it is, the number still has a probability of coming up in the next round. Besides, the roulette wheel can’t remember or think about the last turn. Nevertheless, several people believe that by choosing previously fallen digits, there is a better chance of winning. Whether such an assumption is superstitious or not remains unknown. As long as the memory game is concerned, you are gambling against the trend; however, this can be done in other ways. Learn more about different tips on who to use trends to your advantage in the article Statistics and Trends.

Qualities of the Memory Game

  • Effort: Betting on numbers or bets which are yet to be revealed during a pre-set period of rounds.
  • Time Investment: Varies according to the sets of numbers that can be remembered.
  • Difficulty: Average, but it depends on the sets of numbers that you would like to take note of.
  • Budget: Varies based on the type of bet.
  • Risk: Medium
  • Playtime: Highly dependent on the set of numbers that you would like to take note of.
  • Apply with: Multiple bets

Features of the strategy

Difficulty:average, depending on the number of cases of numbers you want to remember
Effort:betting on numbers or other bets that have not fallen during a predetermined amount of rounds
Budget:variable, depending on the type of bet
Time investment:depends on how many cases of numbers you want to remember
Playtime:strongly dependent on how many cases of numbers you want to remember
Use it with:multiple bets

Most roulette players usually apply this system in their games, most notably to get accustomed to the method. Only a player can decide the set of numbers that he/she would like to remember. Thus, a player has a big influence on the initial time of investment. Studying the outcome board can help determine the stake. More so, you are free to decide on how much to use for betting. But, try to consider a losing streak, most especially according to your bankroll. 

The memory game is highly dynamic. Rather than betting on numbers that have not been revealed, a player may also choose to bet on even numbers. For instance, you can bet on the colour red when the black colour has come up on several occasions.