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Martingale strategy

This system is an agelong strategy that supports winning profitably in an online casino. Martingale strategy is a doubling technique that is often applied by beginners who prefer to play, for instance, red/black or even/odd. With this system, you will always double your bet if you lose the last bet. Theoretically, you will eventually win, provided that your bankroll is large enough to use unlimited capital. However, there is a minor drawback: Roulette often has a maximum bet, which ensures that a player cannot bet unlimitedly.

Martingale strategy: How to Use the System

This system is recommendable for people who would not like to overthink about a technique. The reason is that you simply have to choose a primary bet; when you lose, then you play another round with a bet of two times the primary stake. In short, anytime you lose, you have to double your last bet. But, in the event of winning, you will start from the beginning using your primary bet. A common phrase for this system is “Double or nothing.” If your basic bet is one euro, then your consecutive series – provided that you continue losing – will be 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 54, 128, and so on.

Theoretically, Martingale strategy Assures Profit

On paper, as long as you eventually win a round, then you will recover your previous losses. However, there are two limitations to the system. Firstly, there is the player’s bank account. Obviously, the total bets can easily add up with the number series involved with the system. And it is most likely that your bank account won’t be enough – or unwilling to spend your entire capital on a game, which is understandable. Secondly, the majority of online casinos operate using a bet limit per table. Thus, you won’t have the chance to keep doubling your chance until the end of time.

History of the Doubling Technique

In the 18th century, the doubling system was invented in France. During that time, the Martingale strategy was a common technique in the game of head or coin. After a while, it gained entrance into the roulette games because red or black has an almost 50% chance too.

Martingale strategy: A Useful Tip

The most important tip to keep in mind for Martingale strategy (and other roulette techniques) is to know when you are in a losing streak. Understandably, it might be difficult to see because you will keep believing that the streak will end during the next bet.

Qualities of Martingale strategy

  • Effort: Negative progression technique using a primary fixed bet – doubling in the advent of loss is the starting point.
  • Time Investment: Average
  • Difficulty: Straightforward
  • Budget: a significant capital
  • Risk: Medium to extremely high with a losing streak
  • Playtime: Varies
  • Apply with: Single chances

Features of the strategy

Difficulty:very easy
Effort:negative progressive system with a fixed basic bet, where doubling with loss is the starting point
Budget:very large budget required
Time investment:average
Risk:medium to very high with a long series of losses
Use it with:single chances

Martingale system is an easy-to-use, agelong system. Despite being used by several players, it remains a risky system. Theoretically, the system always pays back its debt, meaning if you can play indefinitely, you will recover all your lost funds. However, unfortunately, there are limits to the number of bets on a roulette table. Thus, the system has its lapses too. However, your ability to see when your losses may never be recovered is the art of the system, which is a trick that many beginners lack. We recommend trying the system during free roulette gameplay. In this way, you will experience how quickly losses can be generated, and also you will discover a risky losing streak to watch out for.