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Labouchere system

While using a roulette system does not guarantee a massive win instantly, it helps increase the odds of winning in online roulette. Among such systems is the Labouchere system, which is also referred to as the Cancellation system, or Split Martingale system or the Cross-Out system. With this system, a player can determine his/her profit in advance and only get to quit when the profit is achieved. Likewise, you have to determine your maximum loss limit before the game as well. By so doing, you can stop before things get out of hand.

Labouchere System: How Does It Work?

This is how the system works: A player will decide prior to the game the amount of profit which he intends to make – it might be 15 euros or more. Now, the player will write a set of numbers on a piece of paper. For instance, it is easy to pick 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Then, the first bet will include the two numbers in the extremes added together – for our example; it will be 1+5 = 6 euros. Once you win during the first bet, then you will cancel the number from the paper, leaving 2,3 and 4. Afterward, the subsequent bet will be six euros, i.e., 2+4 = 6. 

However, if you lost the first bet, you will write the loss at the end of the list, i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. In that sense, the second round will have a 7-euros bet

Labouchere System Continues Until No Number Exists

Principally, you get to quit only once all the numbers have been erased from the list, and your pre-planned profit has been gained. With the Labouchere system, it can be challenging to determine which number to use in advance. However, some professionals tend to use multiple number sequences at once. At a bet, they may use consecutive numbers, only to use random numbers in another bet.

Labouchere system is Result-oriented

With this method, it is possible to have a winning series while playing online roulette. If everything goes according to plan, you can expect a substantial winning by using the Labouchere system. In contrast, however, if you are experiencing a losing streak, then you are likely to end up in a significant loss. Thus, it is best to pre-determine your maximum loss before the game. In this way, you can quit once you reach the maximum loss limit.

Qualities of the Labouchere System

  • Effort: the expected profit and the bets will be pre-determined.
  • Budget: a significant capital
  • Difficulty: Advanced, mainly when a long set of numbers is applied or split.
  • Risk: High as a losing streak results in massive loss.
  • Time Investment: Average to High
  • Playtime: Varies according to the length of the number series and the possible splitting of series.
  • Apply with: Single chances

Features of the strategy

Difficulty:advanced, especially when a long series of numbers is used and / or is split
Effort:both the target profit and the bets are determined in advance
Budget:very large budget required
Time investment:medium to large
Risk:high, a long series of lost bets comes with big losses
Playtime:variable, depending on the length of the number series and the possible splitting of series
Use it with:single chances

Clearly, this strategy is a system of extremes considering that a losing streak results in a significant loss quickly. However, likewise, a winning streak tends to end with massive winnings. Hence, the Labouchere system is a somewhat risky strategy where the player has to set a specific limit before the game. Peradventure, you experience several losses from the start; the best thing is to quit on time before the loss increase sporadically. When you decide a target profit and a set of numbers beforehand, it makes the system dynamic so much that a player can decide his/her risks.

Labouchere system: Useful Tips to Know

According to some gamers, if you start a roulette game with this strategy and begin to lose instantly, the best thing is to quit before you even get to win. Well, the onus is on you to choose what’s best for you in a specific situation.