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Kavouras roulette system

Several techniques of managing a roulette game have existed for as long as the game came into existence. Thus, some of the roulette systems are more than a century old – except the Kavouras system. In the year 2010, the Kavouras system was developed by a professional roulette player known as Kavouras. Since its inception, a considerable number of players believe that it is a well-functioning system that helps enhance the chances of winning. Although it is not too complex to understand, it is more recommended for professional players. Herein, you will learn about how to utilize the Kavouras system, the winning odds, and payouts, as well as the advantages and the disadvantages of using the system during a roulette game.

Kavouras System: How Does It Work?

Rather than working on a series of random numbers, the system encourages betting only on numbers of the cylinder. However, it is not necessary to be full on a digit. In other words, the total bets will be shared into two or more numbers – twenty pieces overall. To reduce the possibility of losing, you should bet on as many numbers as possible using a few chips as possible. For instance, take eight tokens (only you can decide the value of one token) and separate them among the numbers on the table as follows:

  • Bet one token on the digits 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • Bet two tokens on the digits 31/36
  • Bet one chip on the following combinations: 8/11, 13/14, 15/18, 17/20, and 27/30.

Kavouras System: Profit Distribution

Perhaps the ball lands on one of the numbers which you have placed your bet, the following are the possible payout:

  • On 0, 1, 2, and 3 digits, one chip will be the win with a hit
  • On 31/36 digits, four chips will be the win with a hit.
  • On the chevals, ten chips will be the win with a chip.

This implies that at each turn, a player can lose 8, winning one, winning four, and winning ten. This may appear quite good at first. However, like other roulette systems, you may experience a massive loss if things go wrong a few times consecutively – or alternated with a few winnings of one chip. Eventually, you will have a depleted balance.

Kavouras roulette system: What Are the Chances of Winning?

Here, we’ll discuss the chances of winning with the Kavouras roulette system. Let’s assume that in a series of 37 turns, all the numbers land consecutively. This means that you have wagered a total of 37 times eight tokens, which amounts to 296 tokens. Therefore, you can get the following winnings:

  • For the numbers 0 to 3, nine chips will be released as payout, which amounts to 36 chips in total.
  • For the chevals, eighteen times 18 chips will be released as payout, which equals to 180 in total.

All these imply that you gained 288 chips on a bet of 296 chips. In other words, your percentage loss is 2.7%. For experienced roulette players, you would agree with us that this percentage loss is the same as the common house advantage in roulette casinos.

Kavouras Roulette System: Pros and Cons of the System

The fact that this system is fun to play with is the most significant benefit of the system. With the Kavouras roulette system, you are likely to experience a memorable game time. More so, it is quite easy to master since you simply have to remember the bets. Considering that twenty out of the thirty-seven number are protected, you will win more often than lose. However, you should notice that we have never mentioned anything about your chances of winning and the payout percentage. While the house edge is still 2.7%, the major question is whether the system is really a strategy or not.

Qualities of the Kavouras Roulette System

  • Effort: A pre-set method of deployment and self-determined units of distribution.
  • Budget: Varies. It depends on your preferred betting unit, but you need eight chips per turn.
  • Difficulty: Medium to High
  • Risk: Average
  • Playtime: The player decides
  • Apply with: Uses a fixed method of deployment, thus not applicable.

Features of the strategy

Difficulty:medium to advanced
Effort:self-determined units of deployment, fixed method of deployment
Budget:variable, you determine the betting unit yourself, 8 chips per turn required
Time investment:average
Playtime:to be determined by the player
Use it with:not applicable; fixed method of deployment

Kavouras roulette system provides significant support to players. It is used according to a fixed betting method. However, the system’s drawback is that there is hardly any compensation for a losing streak. But it provides various opportunities to earn a profitable win on some bets. More so, the system is unique as it allows for a memorable gaming experience. One more advantage is that the deployment method remains the same; it is unnecessary to adjust in the meantime.