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Columns strategy

If you are looking for one of the most reliable systems to increase your chances of winning an online roulette profitably, then consider using columns strategy. With this system, a player has to bet on columns 1/12, 13/24 and 25/36. For these columns, the payout is two to one. This implies that by betting ten euros, you can get thirty euros once you win. Then, you will be making a profit of twenty euros.

Columns Strategy: How Does It Work?

This strategy demands to bet per column. Use a small amount to bet on the first column. In the second column, you then double the amount and increase the amount four times the first bet when betting on the third column. With each spin, you have to double the small bet while the other stakes increase proportionally. Application of the columns system is easy, considering that you don’t have to memorize the last spins and fallen numbers.

Columns Strategy: Multiple Applications

First off, columns strategy is derived from the Red bet strategy. More so, it can be applied in different ways. For instance, you can play like this: Bet only on columns on the two other outer columns while the black is the third bet per turn. When you choose the two outer columns, all red numbers will be covered aside from 4 red numbers within the inner columns. Consider the bet on black as a kind of assurance move.

Qualities of the Columns strategy

  • Effort: With a pre-determined basic bet, progressively negative. Double up after a loss
  • Budget: It demands a generous budget to manage multiple doubles
  • Time Investment: Minimal
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Risk: Medium to high with a losing streak.
  • Playtime: Varies
  • Apply with: Not applicable – fixed method of deployment.

Features of the strategy

Effort:progressively negative with a fixed basic bet, double if lost
Budget:generous budget required that can handle multiple doubles
Time investment:small
Risk:medium to high with a series of losses
Use it with:not applicable; fixed method of deployment

This system is straightforward to apply during a roulette game. Beginners will really find the strategy as a useful method, to begin with. With the columns strategy, endeavour to use a low basic bet and check the number of doubles on your bankroll. Always remember the table limits since it is easy to reach the limits quickly in a losing streak and particularly if you begin with a relatively high basic bet. 

Consider columns system as not a well-defined strategy because a gamer has to overlook several variations, which gives a player some additional leeway for invention and tactics, naturally.

Pick your Preferred Column Strategy

Only a player can best decide how he/she would like to apply the column strategy in a roulette game. Consider trying the two systems discussed; advisably, you can try them out in an online casino with a free playing mode. In this way, you can decide on the most comfortable approach for yourself. Also, it will help learn about areas to improve your chances of accruing profits. If you would like to read some tips about top online casinos to play, endeavour to read our online casino review.