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Angelika system

Angelika system is named after a woman of Germany origin who managed to win a significant amount of bet in her sixties. This system involves making smart use of the roulette consciously. By so doing, you can increase your chances of making a profit as well as reduce your chances of making losses.

Angelika System: How Does It Work?

To use this system, you have to determine your betting unit and starting bet prior to the game. For instance, let’s assume a starting bet of five euros and a betting unit of one euro. On the wheel of the roulette table, you will bet your starting bet on the first spin. Once you win this spin, the subsequent bet will be one bet unit lesser – that is, it would be four euros. If you lose the spin, the next bet should be one unit higher. Also, you need to play three single chances at once. However, if you lose a complete series, you are best advised to try the method in a different table, then play with a doubled bet.

Angelika system: A Variant of the d’Alembert System

Similar to the Ascot system, this system is a variation of the popular d’Alembert system. Thus, you primarily bet one unit more after each loss. However, once you win, you should reduce your subsequent bet by one unit. Additionally, you should wager three single chances at once. For instance, you can bet on red/black, even/odd, and high/low.

Angelika system: A system Named After Angelika Tepperwein

In the 1960s, this system was well-known in German after a woman named Angelika Tepperwein used it to win a fortune. She used to play with herself using the method. Considering that the Angelika system is still being used among roulette players after 50 years is really impressive.

Qualities of the System

  • Effort: Choose a basic bet and do the same for betting units. Reduce with profits and increase with loss.
  • Risk: Average
  • Playtime: Varies, choose a precise limit for Loss and Profit.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Budget: Varies but ensure that basic bet fits your bankroll.
  • Time investment: Small
  • Apply with: Single chances

Features of the strategy

Difficulty:very easy
Effort:fixed basic bet and ditto betting units, decrease with profit, increase with loss
Budget:variable, make sure that your basic bet matches your bankroll well
Time investment:small
Playtime:variable, set clear limits for profit and loss
Use it with:single chances

Implementation of the Angelika system is easy. It is designed to compensate for losses by raising the stake. Wagering with even bets is the best way to utilize the Angelika system effectively, such as red/black bet. However, a drawback of this system is that the set of losses demands to raise the bet. What most players consider as an advantage is that the system offers a gamer the chance to determine a basic bet. Thus, you are advised to choose a low basic bet that complements your bankroll.

Angelika System: Consider Playing by Yourself

Understandably, the Angelika system is not a sure-fire way to win always. However, by playing with small bets, you are likely to win more than you bet. Besides, when you play with a small bet, you can easily determine if the system is suitable for you or not. Overall, the onus is on you to choose whether to continue using the tactics or choose other methods to get the biggest possible winnings from the casino.