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Best Online Casino List

Best Online Casino List

There is a plethora of online casinos, so much that amateur players may find it challenging to locate an excellent online casino. More so, to determine a good roulette online casino, several factors have to be considered.

Casino list

With our team of professional roulette players, casino specialist and industry insiders, we know the perfect recipes to consider for a good online casino. Our team has collated a list of online casinos with recommendable providers; the list is available herein. Furthermore, for every recommendation, we have a well-explained casino assessment report. However, if you like to experience their operation first-hand, we have also listed and explained some factors to consider. Hence, you can find the ideal casino for yourself or learn about casino tips in detail.

Best Roulette Casinos: How to discover them

In Germany, it may be quite challenging to locate the top online casinos as the big names are not always an ideal option. Hence, gamers, most especially the roulette players, need to do in-depth research because several top casinos tend to provide good offers for slot machine gamers that may not be appealing to the roulette professionals. The reason is that bonus conditions and bonus offers are what actually makes a casino interesting – or uninteresting – to roulette enthusiasts. However, online casino game selection is of lesser significance because as a roulette player, the essential thing that you need is a proper roulette implementation which is available in the French roulette. Kindly read further to learn about the critical areas to consider concerning an online casino.

Before a casino can emerge as one of the top online roulette casinos, some qualities must be there for all to see. The reason is that competition is pretty high on the internet; hence, a casino without some qualities will never make our top list. If a casino is roulette-friendly and bears 100 percent reputation, then it is already close to making a list. However, if a casino is known for failing to pay winners, not even a consideration will be given to such a casino. Luckily, there is no wild west test in the online casinos, and currently, almost every provider has a good reputation.

Conditions for Our Online Casino Evaluation

Welcome Bonus

Every online casino offers a delightful welcome bonus to a new client; otherwise, such casino cannot survive for long on the World Wide Web. Considering the high competition, the first tool for converting a prospect to a client is a welcome bonus. Hence, a new player should expect a complete deposit bonus. However, the most crucial thing here is to read what’s between the black and white as several casinos tend to hide rules that prevent roulette gamers from getting bonus enjoyment. Thus, the offer may be quite more inferior than expected. Professional players always read the bonus conditions before depositing their funds in a new casino account.

In the majority of the casino, roulette players are usually left with no choice but to engage slot bonus using the bonus balance. The reason is that if there is no offer for a dedicated roulette bonus, players can only use their roulette bets for a few percent of the bonus turnover. While this may appear to be a shame, it is not necessarily an exclusion debate as some online casinos tends to emerge as a brilliant option for roulette players despite starting with credit. Besides, a gifted bonus may end up as huge profits or even help reduce some losses. However, keep in mind that most online casino in Germany that begins with a credit or welcome bonus prefer to use slots. But online casino real money is needed to relish the most exciting roulette rounds.

Promotion in the Casino

Before you join a casino, endeavour to always read beyond the welcome bonus because many casinos often provide excellent deals online aside from the welcome bonus. Also, be informed that such offers may be better or worse after the first offer; hence, endeavour to learn about it in advance. Also, learning about the loyalty points for roulette players may come handy. Advisably, you should read ahead and try to do in-depth research. The reason is that by understanding the best offers available for current clients, you can catch fun with some free online casino games, over time.

Casino loyalists and VIPs are usually accepted with their online casino promotions. With these offers, a player can enjoy beneficial material prizes, generous rewards and exclusive travel grant. Also, free online casino bonuses are usually awarded to several casino loyalists at a regular interval. Then, the bonuses often come handy in playing online casino without charges – in some casinos, they are even applicable to table games. However, such gifts must be developed in many casinos. This implies that the house will contact players having high game turnovers or frequent visits to the casino. Afterwards, they will be asked if they would like to become a member of the exclusive VIP Program. But some casinos also provide such a loyalty program to every player and occasional gamers. With our evaluation, we considered all offers and their details. After all, a proper practical assessment is always applied to a doctoral these that lack registration.

Game Selection

While the game selection is a crucial condition for general players, it is not the most significant factor for roulette enthusiasts. As far as roulette players are concerned, the essential thing is finding a good variant of French roulette as the majority of other options are more “fund-friendly,” which should be avoided. However, endeavour to check the offer if you are searching for a live dealer roulette. While trying to choose a casino online, game selection should be given more consideration by players who want online roulette and other games. Majority of online casino sites allow guests to scroll through their game varieties, so as to pick their preferred games.

Understandably as a roulette site, we emphasize on roulette varieties and live table games during game selection. Several online casinos differ significantly; while some houses provide one or two roulette varieties, others offer a plethora of roulette variations and live tables in various languages. However, it is necessary to know whether the top online casino games are available while trying to rank a provider’s quality. The reason is that we have listed only the casinos that provide top games and international box office hits into our exclusive list of online casinos. More so, we utilize a high standard and expectation to determine the best casinos out there.

Casino Software

Even if only a good roulette variant is available, a crucial factor to consider is the casino software. Currently, about a dozen of casino software providers are in operation. Each of these providers has its lapses and benefits. If you can evaluate the different casinos, you will get to know that one software is more famous among the rest. Although “Who” possesses a well-accepted software, it is not dedicated to a single casino as several other good providers rely on the same program. However, endeavour to keep off casinos that utilize software that you dislike – in such cases, not even good bonuses will cover the lapses of the software.

We believe that legal online casinos in Germany should only operate with a software application that is entirely reliable and built by a reputable provider. By so doing, there will be fairness and safety. Consequently, we advise casinos on our portal to utilize modern software from renowned and secured providers such as Playtech, NetEnt, BetSoft, Microgaming, Merkur, Evolution Gaming, or Play’n Go. These, and many more providers, are reputable and reliable in the industry. Casinos that use software from such brands are usually given a sort of “seal of approval,” which shows why most casinos willingly position the icon of the software provider on their pages. Furthermore, with such transparency, players can easily find the top online casinos in the market. For instance, if you love Playtech casinos or Microgaming casinos, then simply scroll to the bottom of the site to check out whether the concerned software is available. For those who like to try out special software online or a specific live roulette game or live dealer, it is possible to evaluate the software online without charges in the casino.

Casino License

Gaming professionals understand that various online casinos get their licenses from different nations. And with a specific country comes distinct rules and legal demands. Generally, there are strict rules from countries belonging to the European Union such as Malta, Cyprus, as well as Isle of Man and Gibraltar. Also, a handful of online casinos are licensed by Schleswig Holstein. As much as possible, endeavour to keep off casinos without a license on their websites.

But due to legal concerns, you do not have to constrain your gaming attitudes to Germany-approved casinos. The reason is that several reputable online casinos in Germany have utilized the liberalized rules of the EU, and consequently, have their branches in other EU nations such as Great Britain, Malta, among others. As a result, players and casinos can enjoy several tax benefits. But, considering the legitimate EU licenses, legal certainty cannot be renounced by anyone. More so, to procure a gaming license, casinos need to meet several requirements in different areas. Furthermore, business conduct and gaming safety of licensed houses are usually watched regularly by the local authorities. Anyway, every online casino on our list possesses legal licenses. With our review, it is quite easy to locate the top German online casinos.

Handy Casinos

For those who would love to play online casinos on the move, try to look out for mobile casino offer from the appraisal of what a casino offers. Currently, close to 50% of all casino games are available on mobile phones. Hence, mobile software is progressively becoming crucial. Aside from the software, game selection and usability are also vital. For this reason, we always evaluate mobile offers with a vast practical assessment. Also, we always check whether the casino can be played online from iPhones and Android devices with no display error.

Additionally, the possibility of accessing an online casino from the phone without any deposit, free spins and bonus, is also considered. Luckily, renowned online casinos offer a similar level of generosity to mobile smartphone players and new clients who play using a laptop or Desktop. Also, we need to focus on mobile game selection since players would like to know whether their preferred games will be playable from the phone. If you love to play on NetEnt online casino, you wouldn’t want to discover any unwanted surprises on your phone. Thus, we have highlighted all the outcomes of our comprehensive evaluations in our review.

Customer service

While customer service may be challenging to evaluate for new players, it is a crucial component of our online casino assessment. We consider test inquiries and real gaming experiences to assess how customer service attends to gamers. Also, we try to understand whether the customers are treated like a king. If you have ever been frustrated by incompetent customer service, you will understand better why this factor is highly important. Also, you need to know the available means of reaching customer service. Understandably, casinos that provide several contact options are more preferred.

However, customer satisfaction is subjective; it is only a player that can decide whether a customer service through live chat, answer form, hotline is okay with him. However, from experience, live chat is the fastest and most comfortable means of reaching customer support in several casinos. Hence, in our test, we give extra points to casinos that offer live chat option. Also, it is salient to check out casinos that provide German as their customer service language since many casinos tend to reply inquiries faster and better in English. Thus, we always look out for German customer service and try to know when they are available.

Payment methods and payout

Payment methods are different from the payout. A game type highly determines a payout ratio. For instance, the payout is 97 per cent with French roulette. Also, the casino plays a crucial role when it comes to payout as it varies from one casino to the other. While through the rule of the game, roulette players have fixed rules, the mode of payments is vital. However, in the beginning, most players often overlook conditions such as how long a payout takes, the available methods of getting the money earned, and whether it comes at the expense of another thing. 

This, top online casino providers in New Zealand have to offer several methods, as well as the fastest possible means of payment. In some casinos, they often try to suspend payout for 24 to 48 hours, hoping that the player will eventually use their winnings to play more games rather than cashing out. While there may be a justifiable reason for one or two days of processing, we prefer online casinos which grant payment to registered players instantly. From experience, the safest means of getting paid is through eWallet services such as Skrill or Neteller. Also, PayPal payouts have been reported to be quite convenient. However, not all casinos have accepted PayPal for their operations; hence, it is a crucial factor for evaluation.

General Impression and User experience

After engaging a casino, one important question to ask yourself is “do you like the casino?” Also, after your game, you should decide whether the experience matches the presentation. Keep off a casino where you don’t feel comfortable after playing for the first time. Regardless of how enticing the offers are, if you find the place as inconvenient, check out another online casino. Endeavour to trust your feeling. For some people, the traditional or long-standing house is usually their preferred location. With a reliable casino ambience and exciting flair, a virtual casino offers a good time just as luxurious casino in Monte Carlo would. 

But for other players, they prefer new top online casinos, mostly because they love gambling with contemporary games which are available on modern websites compared to classical designs. Additionally, these players love the online casino free spins and bonus promotions which the new casinos often provide to gain relevance in the market. 

Endeavour to consider these factors carefully while choosing the top online casinos! 

If you are wondering about which casino to choose among the available options, try to consider the necessary conditions discussed to make your decision-making easier from your perspective. Understandably, some players may value one or two conditions over the others. Therefore, once you know your personal preferences, it will become easier to choose a reputable online casino based on the following tips:

  • PayPal Casinos:
    While many people appreciate using the popular payment system called PayPal, top roulette casino options using the payment system are somewhat limited. The reason is that, generally, only a few online casinos and even lesser providers focus on the roulette that accepts PayPal. Thus, PayPal users only have two options: they can either take the limited option and go for an online casino that features PayPal or play in a different casino and uses a different payment method. However, other good news is that some relatively similar eWallet services also exist. Also, PayPal users can use instant bank transfer as an alternative. Fortunately, we have highlighted the top providers that offer PayPal online casinos in our experience reports. Only a few PayPal casinos exist because the payment system is quite strict about who they partner with, and also, for image reasons, they hardly associate with online gambling. Hence, as a sign of quality, the company only work with extremely reputable casinos. Among the benefits of PayPal casino online include a chargeless or extremely cheap deposit and withdrawal through the payment system.
  • A download against Browser casinos:
    A new player who is about to register should understand whether his/her preferred choice demands software installation or not. If the online casino can be engaged without any download, then every game can be played once the registration is complete – all you will need is to log in and start playing with your browser. On the contrary, download casino demands that a player download its software first, then install the casino driver software onto the player’s PC. During the old days, such download software is made available by the majority of casinos in Germany. Consequently, there was a clear edge in terms of graphics and flawless game operations, most especially about slow internet connections. However, software installation comes with lapses too, as only Window versions of the casino software were available. Therefore, people using Linux and Mac computers were excluded partially from the concerned casinos. For this reason, browser casinos have evolved increasingly after the prevalent use of Apple Mac computers. Furthermore, this development is even spurred with the creation of a broadband network in almost every region in Germany. With the development of Java and Flash software, the gaming experience on browser casino is now as good as in download casinos. Additionally, with browser casinos, there is no need for time-consuming software updates. Hence, as long as you have a fast internet connection, you can choose a browser casino easily as, currently, even live roulette games with no time delays in the internet browser with HD quality fast transfer.
  • High roller Bonuses and Table-top games:
    Roulette experts who have ambitions can check out casino having no table limit for roulette as such casinos often provide exciting bonuses for players that offer very high stake. Casinos should duly reward gamers that play regularly for huge amounts – a good start will be exclusive discounts and loyalty programs. The reason is that high rollers are rarely awarded a welcome bonus; instead, they are given appealing deposit bonuses or free roulette bonus codes. On the other hand, slot machine players get to have more free games. In some casinos, high rollers are usually reached directly and invited to become a member of the VIP club. For such VIP players, personal casino contact or assistant is usually provided to offer the VIPs exclusive gifts, free tickets or luxury travel grants to important football games. More so, free online casino games are usually offered to loyal high rollers. Hence, if you are a player with high-risk capital, you should bet at a top and reputable online casino. Also, you are encouraged to read our reviews to learn about casino games without a table limit. Additionally, a good indicator of high roller bonuses includes a bonus amount for the welcome reward which players are offered in different casinos.
  • Bonus Terms:
    During our online casino evaluations, we focused on business and bonus terms of the online casinos. Also, we advise players to read the bonus conditions prior to registration. As a new player, endeavour to look out for five things: Firstly, find out the amount of bonus that you decide; a casino offering a few Euro starting credits is less advisable compared to a secured online casino that offers rewards in hundred or thousands of Euros. Secondly, check the percentage with which the deposit is multiplied. Although a deposit is doubled by a 100 per cent, your casino capital will even be tripled in a 200 per cent bonus. Thirdly, endeavour always to monitor terms of the bonus offer. In some casinos, players are required to bet the bonus balance twenty or thirty times before they could get lucky enough to win. However, some casinos in Germany require forty times or even fifty times the bonus balance’s turnover. Such demands are quite disadvantageous because a great deal of luck will be required to get a successful bonus sale. Fourthly, new players have to be mindful of the number of bonuses which are being upgraded in the bonus terms. According to some players, they prefer the casinos that share the bonus into several deposits. Whereas, other players prefer to cash out on the maximum bonus balance at a go. Lastly, endeavour to consider the period of the bonus availability as bonus credits tend to lose validity after around thirty days.
  • New online casinos compared to Traditional providers:
    New online casinos are usually patronized by the young and tech-savvy people. That aside, new providers often develop innovative special functions, exciting bonus offer and interesting loyalty clubs. For instance, some new online casinos allow players to pick a virtual character as a player to undergo exciting casino adventures and learn about the vast communities of online casino games. More so, new online casinos usually offer many new spins to new registrants without any deposit. However, providers who have been existing for a long time also offer appealing promotions such as online casino free start credit. Additionally, traditional casinos already have many loyal clients that they only need to provide exclusive bonuses to existing players and high rollers compared to new competitors who have to concentrate on gaining new clients – what suits you best is definitely subjective. While some gamers prefer old and reputable online casino, others relish modern and fun-filled casino with social media interaction, chat function and youthful exuberance. You can visit several casinos via our exclusive action links. Afterwards, you should be able to decide what suits your taste.
  • No Deposit Bonus or Play for Free – non-binding casino assessment:
    A bonus offer is another important condition that may work for or against a casino as those who provide no deposit bonus tends to gain players since the new gamers would have nothing to worry about. Given that you are playing with a free starting credit, you cannot lose any real personal cash to the casino. With such an offer, a new player can easily know an online casino better. Also, the first free trial rounds will enable players to experience some exciting games in the casino, earn some first winnings, and also check menu navigations and smooth operations of the games.

    Once a player logs in, he/she can view a live roulette game closely without engaging the game. Hence, it is possible to stream live roulette games in most casinos from the corner of your room with a computer. However, bear in mind that without registration, it may not be possible. Once you have tried a few numbers of games, then you may start considering making your first deposit, crosschecking the payment methods available with the cashier, and making an informed decision to choose – or not – an online casino.
  • Promotions and loyalty points:
    Currently, several casinos are trying to attract new gamers with their special offers. For instance, some casinos offer great raffles among their players and new customers. Also, we know some casinos with a highly appealing loyalty points system. Mostly, such bonus programs enable players to earn points on every real fund deposit or every game turnover. The points can either be used to exchange for small bonus credit or free spins. In some top casinos, they allow players to exchange loyalty points for cash. We think such real money premiums with no sale conditions are the fairest offer and one which is most sought after by players. More so, this real money may be cashed out or utilized for exciting roulette bets without drawbacks. You can even exchange loyalty points for a better gift if you play frequently. Also, travel grants or even luxury cars are sometimes given to the most active gamers by the provider. Understandably, only the ambitious players can get into such a loyalty program. As an occasional player, you are best advised to place less value on such bonuses compared to a high roller. Nevertheless, you can get some exciting special offers from German casinos online, which may also serve as an indication towards picking your ideal casino.

The location of the online casino

The site of a casino company and the casino license are quite crucial as you should always play at a state-approved casino with legal backings. A country that gives a casino authorization within a European Union is of little significance since every EU casino must meet a high standard, as well as operate with a fair, evaluated and secured gaming software. Malta has recorded several German casinos – and others from Sweden, Denmark – trying to procure casino licenses from the country because the small nation has become one of the most vital gambling regions within Europe. 

However, some providers bearing German casino license from Schleswig-Holstein also exist. For instance, recently, more than twenty online casino game providers have secured their license from the Ministry of the Interior and Federal Affairs of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein. 

Aside from the license, the location of the company is also significant as whenever a dispute arises, it is the gambling authorities – or the courts in the advent of litigation – present in the region that will handle the conflict. Ideally, you are advised to wager in online casinos with European license to be on the safe side.

Online Casino compared to Offline Casino

The fun and excitement which a specific individual can get from a real casino or an online casino are subjective – i.e. it depends on individual’s preference. Indeed, these two kinds of gambling have their benefits, lapses and justifications. As for offline casinos, players will surely experience a great ambience and a series of real casino table being handled by croupiers. Thus, a player stands to gain a memorable experience from spending a warm evening in a luxurious casino. 

However, it is close to impossible to visit casinos every single day as sometimes you need to move a hundred kilometre to reach the closest casino having real roulette tables. Aside from the cost of travelling, the expenses of the entrance fee and food in the casino are another matter entirely. More so, you will need a suitable closet as most men and women try to dress nice, at least in a business casual outfit. In fact, the excellent ambience of the offline casino is more emphasized with the right choice of dress and help generate a specific casino sensation. Advisably, a gamer should at least visit a physical casino once in a lifetime. 

Online casinos are more advisable for everyday use as the payout rate is reliable and good while the visit demands lesser costs. More so, with online casinos, players can view every game aspect from the live roulette games to the living room couch. When it comes to convenience, it is hard to beat online casino. Furthermore, with an online casino, game selection is better compared to physical casinos having limited space. Slot online casinos usually boast hundreds of different games. Also, the top online casinos always outdo physical casinos that are less generous with their bonus offers.


Evidently, many factors must be checked to determine whether a casino belongs to the list of top online casinos or not. However, most of the factors depend on a gamer’s preferences. Thus, it is challenging to collate the list in a particular order. To achieve an objective rating, our team consulted various players and professionals to evaluate the casino. In this way, we were able to get an overall impression. Despite that some players rank differently; we are confident that all our recommended online casinos will provide a great value and experience to gamers as they are serious and reliable type. Our list contains online casinos having licenses from nations with a high-quality standard of awarding the license. Among them are providers who trade on European stock exchanges. In other words, a gamer’s fund is in safe hands. As a new player, we strongly advise you to choose from our list of top online casinos – you will definitely find a house that meets your demands