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Live Roulette: Getting the best of two worlds

Without any doubt, online casinos feature some impressive benefits over the real casino. However, players are mostly annoyed due to two reasons: Firstly, there is a lack of casino flair, and secondly, players have to put their faith in a casino program that initiates a random spin. In a move to solve these challenges, several top online casinos came up with a new idea, namely the Live Roulette.

The exceptional realism forms the most crucial component of the live casino. With live roulette, there is more flair and excitement compared to what is experienced in ordinary online casinos. It is definitely worth giving a try!

How does Live Roulette works?

  • First off, you need to register at the online casino. Then, proceed to Live Casino to choose Live Roulette. Once you click Roulette, a new screen with two halves will emerge.
  • One half is the betting field, just as it is found in the online roulette, while the second half will present a video screen. From the screen, a real dealer at a live casino will be displayed. Once the set time expires, the dealer will throw the roulette ball into the roulette pot.
  • Then, you can watch the ball inside the cauldron as it rolls to stay on a digit. After getting a fixed number, the winnings will be released; then, the next round will commence.
  • Contrary to the real casino, the high speed of the internet is an added advantage. Just like an online casino, betting at a Live Casino works the same way, combined with some handy features like Auto-Bet. Also, making a withdrawal is fast. More importantly, it helps save a lot of time.
  • Also, compared to the game in an online casino, some differences exist. At a live roulette table, several players can bet, chat with one another and the croupier. However, this social aspect is short to make it appealing to most.

Among the best places to play live roulette is Mr. Green Live Casino. This Casino allows conversation between players and croupier, as well as offering casino experience similar to the real casino. More so, players will relish their bonuses. Here, you will learn about Mr. Green and his Bonuses in detail. 

Compared to the classic online roulette, live roulette is slightly slower. For betting, there is a time limit allowed to do so. If a player finishes it quickly, he/she will have to wait for the beginning of the next round. On the contrary, if a player couldn’t make a bet within the allotted time, you will have to wait until the next round. But it is worth noting that allotted time are well-chosen so much that players have sufficient time to wager without getting bored. 

Other recommendable places to enjoy live roulette include 888 Casino and Euro Palace Casino. In the two casinos, the live games are conducted by licensed croupiers while the games are streamed in real-time with high-definition quality on a tablet, mobile phone, browser, and TV. More so, at Scasino and 888 Casino, the televised version of the roulette game appears precisely as the game played in real casinos, globally.

European Live Roulette: How it is an advantage?

Compared to the American variant, the European wheel features only one zero that drifts the advantage towards the player, rather than the casino. Within one minute, each game will be available to the viewers to wager while a new number is thrown in every two minutes.

Live Roulette Online: What you should know beforehand.

  • Croupiers
    Croupiers are always on deck at Mr. Green, Scarino and 888, daily. They are professionals and experienced croupiers who have performed in the high street casinos.
  • The Chances
    When it comes to roulette, the game features fixed odds. And just like a real casino, the live roulette works similarly.
  • Free Player Account
    At live roulette, there are free options to enjoy. For instance, at Mr. Green and Scarino, new players get a chance to play freely once they log in.
  • Real Account
    With a real money player account, you can play and bet chips as much as the house allows, just as it is done in a real casino. Real money players can enjoy various benefits, too.
  • Winner
    Once a spin is complete, a game-winner will be shown in the casino alongside his/her won chips.

Live Roulette Vs. Regular Roulette: What are the Differences

As an enthusiast of live roulette online, beware of the unique features that are available on this variant. In this way, you can choose whether to play conventional roulette in the online casino or engage roulette live via the internet. First off, concerning the rules, the two modes have no significant differences. Hence, any player can switch between conventional roulette and live roulette without any special skills. 

However, there are some peculiarities around live games which a player should know. The main reason why online live roulette is so appealing is the presence of a live croupier. With the following list, you will learn about the distinguished features of Live Online Roulette compared to the regular online roulette:

  • To begin with, you are not betting against a computer; instead, you will see the cauldron and croupier in real-time.
  • Since the live roulette processes are time-constrained and not operated by computer software, live dealer roulette performs slower.
  • Live roulette from the internet offers a more realistic experience compared to an ordinary online casino.
  • Gambling enthusiasts who love the flexibility and extensive offers from online casinos, as well as willing to engage online roulette live, will feel fulfilled with the virtual live dealer roulette.

Can a player pick the dealer?

While playing in an online casino, the interpersonal level remains intact. As a roulette player in a live casino, it is possible to stream or have a personal chat with the live dealer. Once you join a live casino online or create a player account, you simply need to activate the “Live Dealer” option, then tap “Play Live Roulette.” Most top casinos employ more than one dealer. So, players are looked after by many live dealers. 
You may get a chance to choose a particular live dealer, depending on the house. With friendly ladies and gentlemen, you can be confident of getting the perfect casino ambiance online. Once you choose a table, automatically, you have chosen a corresponding live dealer. Through the live stream, you can watch the game and communicate directly via chat.

Live Roulette: Special Bonuses and Promotions

Exciting and possible bonuses must be considered if you plan to engage live roulette in an online casino. As for the new players, they are often offered a delightful welcome bonus while existing loyal customers do benefit from the VIP program. Also, special live roulette bonuses and other promotions are usually made available to the fans of online casino live dealers. All these are generally up for grab; hence, try to know the actions of the provider so as not to miss out on any exciting live roulette bonus. However, a live casino provider may not necessarily offer a gift as regular promotions may be used for the whole offer.

Live Roulette on Mobile devices

For a long time, online casinos have been made available on mobile applications. In this way, passionate players can play on site and computer. Also, it allows the player to play at any moment from a smartphone or tablet. Aside from the Live Roulette Casino, this development also has led to more Live Roulette Mobile Casinos. While the live roulette mobile phone variant doesn’t necessarily come as a live roulette app, providers tend to use unique websites for mobile phones which are generated in the browser. As you would expect, it is possible to access an existing player account to play roulette live at any time or place.

Is it Possible to Play Online Roulette without Charges?

Several Top Live Roulettes present absolute excitement on the internet, giving constant inspirations to roulette fans from time to time. More importantly, it is even better with the appeal of real money games and the attractive possibility of winning. Indeed, it is exciting to be able to play live roulette without any charges. However, in most cases, such is only possible in the play money mode, i.e., there is a lack of high profits. Occasionally, a player may engage live roulette free and yet, get cool cash. To do this, try to check out free spins, bonus promotions, among others.