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Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale

Microgaming, one of the top software manufacturers of online games, is the developer of the Roulette Royale. This roulette variant offers almost everything you can ever wish for in a roulette game. More so, it provides quality game time and challenges of a royal standard. In short, if you demand something more than a simple roulette, excitement, and huge winnings, then the Roulette Royale is your go-to option.

Roulette Royale: The Jackpot and Other Distinguishing Qualities of the Game

This roulette variant is based on the European version as it features 37 fields, from number 1 to 36, including the zero. In this game, you can also find a side bet as it features a progressive jackpot that makes the game really appealing. 

Aside from the fact that progressive jackpot gives the game extra quality, it also increases the odds of winning. Once the ball lands in the same box five times in a row, the jackpot winnings will be released instantly. From there, it’s all joy and congratulations! 

Also, a player can win a payout of 3000 credits in the currency, which the player uses if the ball falls four times in a row on a single number. When a player hits the ball three times on a single number consecutively, then he/she will be awarded 200 credits while 15 credits will go to any player that hits the ball twice consecutively on a single number. 

Obviously, the traditional attraction is present in the game. To get the most out of your huge winnings, you should place an extra bet for the progressive jackpot. 

Compared to the static jackpot, a progressive jackpot continuously grows. However, the growth rate will depend on the vastness of the bets and the number of players that bet in the game. Hence, endeavour always to engage the side bet on the jackpot so as not to miss the payoff.

Roulette Royale: Playing the Game on Mobile

This roulette variant has a large group of players globally. However, while the mobile version of the game exists, the software for computer use is yet to be made. There is an app for the game, which can be downloaded onto Android and iOS powered smartphones. Visit the Google or Apple app store to download the apps. 

The two available mobile versions offer a Roulette Royale Bonus, which is really rewarding. For instance, by downloading from the Google App store, you will be credited with chips once you log in. 

Roulette Royale is available in numerous casinos, including the All Slots Casino and Gaming Club, that provides a welcome bonus close to 200 euros to new clients. Primarily, you can enjoy the game in every Microgaming casino.

Roulette Royale: Tricks and Tips of the Game

Save yourself from the stress and unrewarding effort of searching for tricks to play any game of chance, including the Roulette Royale. In short, Roulette Royale is all about being lucky or not. However, there are some useful systems, also known as strategies that can be applied. For instance, if you lose, you can double your bet during the next round. But the adverse effect is that one can land in a severe loss with a losing streak. Hence, if you feel that you are not yet up for it, you can simply keep monitoring the game and calculating your bets based on your options for now. Avoid wasting your money unnecessarily if you are not ready. 

For any game of chance – either in a real casino or online casino – the so-called money management is the best strategy. Hence, always keep the details in mind, so you don’t end up in a significant loss. If you are losing consecutively, always remember when to quit; it’s simply a common sense.

Free Roulette Royale Gameplay

Understandably, several players would like to play the game for different reasons. For instance, some people want to play for free so as not to concentrate too much on it. And interestingly, sometimes, looking at attraction alone is enough to predict the number which the ball will fall on. In several roulette casinos, there is an opportunity to play Roulette Royale without real money. Advisably, beginners, and players who are new to roulette should keep off playing the game with real money from the start. 

However, free Roulette Royale is not available in the physical casinos. Hence, endeavour to play Roulette Royale online for free from numerous online casinos with their demo mode.