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Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro

Over time, several new variants of the popular roulette game have been released by game developers – one of them is the Roulette Pro. This roulette variant is more appreciated by gamers who do not like double zero, bonus field, and other similar additions. Roulette Pro is designed with a zero and numbers 1 to 36, like the classic roulette game. This roulette variant is also known as the Roulette Professional.

With this game, you can expect frills and thrills from a realistic gaming experience. It is possible to play Roulette for free online while there is also the mode of playing with real funds in many online casinos. The corresponding use and the limits of the respective casino offering Roulette Pro significantly determine the possible winnings. This roulette variant enables every bet of the conventional roulette game on one and many chances. Simply bet using virtual chips like in a real casino, then enjoy the graphic display of the game.

Roulette Pro: Real Casino Ambience for All

Roulette Pro is designed to meet the demands of the experts; hence, it is highly realistic. While playing the Roulette Pro, you can see the complete wheel and also follow the ball till the end. A real casino is well presented with the appealing graphics while the voice of the croupier declares the outcome of every draw from off-screen to reveal winnings, and also to request for subsequent bets. In every game, subtle piano music will be played in the background.

One of the significant differences between Roulette Pro and other roulette variants lies in the fast access to kettle games such as;

  • Row or Small Series: it covers numbers between 27 and 33 (12 digits in total) positioned side by side within the cauldron.
  • Neighbours: a chip is placed on each of the two neighbours of a chosen number.
  • Voisins du Zero or Large Series: it covers seventeen adjacent numbers with zero.
  • Orphelins: it covers eight numbers that do not include any of the listed series.
  • Final: Position all the other digits with a final number for a chosen number such as Finale 3 position to 3, 13, 23, 33.

Roulette Pro: Available in Two Game Developers’ Program

This game variant download is offered by two game manufacturers, depending on the casino. The version developed by Playtech is mostly found in the casinos. This company possesses over 500 innovative and exciting casino and poker games. 

The second developer of Roulette Pro is Net Entertainment, which works with several roulette casinos. Rather than Roulette Pro download, the software from NetEnt works using a Flash version on the browser. Several games have been created by NetEnt, including slot machines, table games, Mini Games and Video Pokers.

Roulette Pro: Tips and Tricks of the Game

Right from its inception, several professionals and skillful players have tried to win this game with tricks – all to no avail. This is because online roulette remains a game of chance. Otherwise, the game would have disappeared from casinos a long time ago.

Thus, mathematical thinking and consideration on how to increase the possibility of winning is the sole trick to Roulette Pro. Some systems commonly used for such considerations in Roulette Pro include:

  • Martingale system – to increase the bets after a loss
  • Parole system – to double the stakes after a win.

Free Roulette Pro Gameplay

Roulette Pro is quite popular among other variants of roulette because of the several advantages that can be seen at a glance. More so, considering the different variants of the roulette game, players can never get bored with the game. Endeavour to check the various roulette games, most notably in free mode, which is available in a casino, including American roulette, European roulette, among others. In this way, you will learn about the different perspectives and unique techniques to improve your chances of winning.