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Multiwheel roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette

Roulette is not only one of the long-standing games globally but also among the most famous casino table games. Over time, Roulette has evolved to form different variants. Among the variants is the multi-wheel Roulette. 

Multi-Wheel Roulette is a form of French Roulette but features extra kettles or wheels on a kettle. Here, you can also learn about other multi-wheel roulette casinos. This roulette variant can be played against a computer. Also, it can be played on the website of a provider. More so, it is available in a free mode.

Multi-wheel Roulette: What you should know about the game

This variant is a relatively new version of the traditional Roulette, which is available in some online roulette casinos. As a multi-wheel roulette player, you will understand that the variant is not entirely different from the French version. Nevertheless, multi-wheel Roulette comes with a few crotches on the internet as you have to play using eight roulette wheels. But such a development only makes the odds of winning increase by eight folds – quite attractive, right? More so, the game features some simple rules. You play the multi-wheel Roulette just as you would do with conventional Roulette, but this variant allows you to spin eight roulette wheels at once. 

To decide whether multi-wheel Roulette is suitable for you, you should try the game for free in several online casinos using the play-money version. Also, this version is available at the Casino Euro and Eurogrand Casino. Hence, it is unnecessary to spend before you can get accustomed to the game.

Multi-wheel Roulette: How is it played online?

This roulette variant is straightforward to pay. First off, you need to place your bet by dropping chips on the tableau. Afterwards, you have to choose the spin button to start the eight roulette boilers automatically. However, if you like, you can play with lesser wheels. As for multi-wheel Roulette online, straight bet includes an odd range from 1:1, red/black, odd/even to a 35:1 bet on a single digit. 

The number of wheels selected is used to multiply the bet. Endeavour to try out this variant with patience. At Casino Euro, the house offers a 150% bonus on sign up to the multi-wheel roulette players. When you play this variant, you will realize that it is an impressive innovation with a lot of fun. Hence, don’t be hesitant to download the game app onto your smartphone to play the multi-wheel Roulette as much as you want. Also, keep in mind that chances of winning the game online are high. More so, this variant is more enjoyable with cool graphics and top-quality sound effects. When you play multi-wheel roulette, you are allowed to place inside bets, outside bets and call bets.

Multi-wheel Roulette: Why you should play the game?

This roulette variant offers an exceedingly high chance of winning to players as eight kettles are involved – not one. As a result, the winning is increased by eight folds. Additionally, you are free to choose the number of boilers that you would like to play with. Regardless of whether you are playing multi-wheel Roulette for free or with money, one thing is guaranteed; a lot of fun! 

Compared to the conventional Roulette, multi-wheel Roulette offers a fresh ambience to the casino world with a promise of varieties and game tensions. Since players are allowed to bet only once, you have eight chances of winning and increased eightfold of the bet. However, if you lose, you are likely to lose heavily, too. 

Advisably, you should play multi-wheel Roulette online with a reduced number of kettles until you become vastly experienced with the game. Also, it allows for much excitement with fewer chances of losing a considerable amount of money at once. Check out some strategies in multi-wheel roulette free version to find out suitable tactics for yourself. Once you are sure, then you can start playing with real cash, then gradually increase the number of wheels to make more money.


Most roulette enthusiasts will surely appreciate and love multi-wheel Roulette as the game features similar attributes to the French version – the significant difference is the more chances of winning with eight kettles in the game. This variant offers you an opportunity to win big if you can play smartly. 

We recommend that you do not put in a considerable amount of money as it could be disastrous on a bad day. Aside from that, multi-wheel Roulette is highly recommended as the fun and thrill are higher compared to what you get from a traditional roulette. If you don’t feel confident playing with money, then we recommend playing free mode at Casino Euro or Eurogrand Casino.