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Magic Roulette

Magic Roulette

Recently, several software manufacturers for casinos have been creating new variants of the traditional Roulette. Although the existence of Roulette can be traced back to the 18th century, only a few variants have been developed in recent centuries. However, the development of new alternatives is now possible with the internet. Besides, several players now conveniently use their PC and smartphones; hence, they do not have to go hundreds of miles to visit the casino. 

Magic Roulette is one of those new variants in recent times that is gaining more grounds in several casinos. Read further to learn about where the game is available, including the background, general layout, and necessary details to know.

Magic Roulette: What you should know about the game

Merkur, a software developer, primarily known for slot machines, designed Magic roulette. Most gamers know Merkur for their slot games; hence, only a few players of online casinos would be aware that the company developed magic roulette. 

Magic Roulette stands out as one of the exceptional variants of the game, as it is a mix of various games. This roulette variant features twelve numbers, all of which can be bet on, but betting on multiple numbers is not allowed. Hence, considering that it is all about getting a lucky number makes it ideal for beginners. However, experienced players also appreciate magic roulette due to numerous available options and the exciting profits that the game offers.

Magic Roulette: Where can it be played

First off, while searching for a magic roulette online, try to remember that Merkur produces it. Hence, you are likely to find the game in all casinos that provide any game made by Merkur. Sunmaker Casino is one of the well-known online casinos that offer games produced by the company. Also, the magic roulette is available in Stake 7, where games provided by Merkur are being provided to players.

Magic Roulette: The Table design of the game

Earlier, we mentioned that magic roulette does not permit betting on different number groups- that’s not all. Although the numbers on the wheel appear in black or red as found with classic roulettes, players are not allowed to bet on red numbers. More so, only twelve numbers and the zero are always on the table. Hence, the game has a simple table layout. The green zero is positioned on the far left, while two rows with six numbers each (1-6;7-12) are placed nearby. The bet should be placed on one of the numbers before turning the wheel; then, the winner will be determined.

Magic Roulette Chances

With magic roulette, the chances of wagering on the right number are significantly higher compared to the case in classic roulette. This is because only twelve numbers and zero are available on the table. Nevertheless, it doesn’t translate into similar profits as expected as it depends on the multipliers, which are shown on the bike and determined by the game automatically. Mostly, picking a correct number implies getting nine times the bet as profit; but a little bit of luck may result in 1000 times the bet amount.

Magic Roulette: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

The first important tip is to find a magic roulette bonus or bet with your regular bonus. By so doing, you will play some rounds without risk, and end up with profits. Furthermore, you can try out a magic roulette without real money by using virtual credits. This will enable you to simulate the gameplay without risking your funds. Understandably, achieving a real profit will be impossible; however, you would become familiar with the game and learned about what is to come in the subsequent round.

Mobile Magic Roulette

With mobile phones, you can place your bets on the magic roulette game. This is because games manufactured by Mekur can be accessed on the websites of online casinos through smartphones and tablets. Hence, there is no need to download any app before you can play magic roulette; the browser of your mobile devices will do. In short, the magic roulette is playable on the go.