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French roulette

French Roulette Game

Over time, French Roulette is the most famous among casino games. This game has been existing for hundreds of years. It is characterized by a green table, a roulette wheel bearing numbers, the roulette ball, and a tableau. On a simple table, you can play French roulette with four croupiers in a casino. Also, the game comes with some simple rules. 

Currently, you can find French roulette in several online casinos, which can be played with real money or without any charges. Furthermore, it is unnecessary to observe the opening times as it can be played at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions about French Roulette

What are the fundamental rules of the game?

French roulette has a bowl that consists of number 0 to 36, which totals 37 digits. A player may bet on a number or a combination of numbers. After the game, the player will be paid based on the probability with the correct setting. With a pretence of no zero, a mathematical advantage of 2.7% is given to the bank.

What are the benefits of French roulette over other roulette versions?

With French roulette, you have the best chance of winning as a player. French roulette is similar to European roulette as there is only a single zero. However, there is the application of the La Partage rules. According to the rule, if the zero is turned, only 50% of the bet will be released to the bank while betting on odds.

Where can French roulette be played without charges?

No deposit bonus is rare to come by when it comes to roulette games, including the French roulette. However, it is possible to play French roulette games freely in play-money mode at almost every casino. This mode is ideal for mastering the rules of the games, as well as trying out the strategies of the game.

French Roulette: Three Tips to have a successful match

When it comes to French Roulette, a player stands to get the most significant advantage by betting on simple odds, red or black, high or low, even or odd digits. The reason is that it is in those bets that the rules of La Partage become beneficial. Endeavour to only play with money you can afford to lose if need be. 

Playing roulette is quite exciting; however, try to play only when you feel good.

How to get the most out of a French Roulette Bonus

Importantly, ensure that you choose a casino that considers French roulette for the minimum wagering that features a bonus. If you can get such a casino, then try to play an average stake to cushion a losing streak.

French Roulette: What you should know about the game

From inception, French roulette is one of the first games in all casinos across the globe. Since most players are well-accustomed to the French roulette in traditional casinos and love the thrill and excitement of the game, they prefer to play it more than others. You will hardly find any table game that delivers a memorable experience and sensation like the French roulette. 

However, you have to predict the correct ball slot in the bowl, which the ball will fall into before the draw. To make your prediction, you need to position the tokens or chips on the corresponding playing field. When the amount of numbers is small, the profit in the advent of success will be high. French Roulette is available in every online casino for free in a demo version and also in a real-money version. 

The software used by the casino will determine whether you can play the game online through the browser, or you need to download the software into your hard drive for installation. Also, you can visit a live casino to enjoy the genuine atmosphere with human croupiers inviting you to bet. Even when you play against the computer in the online casino, the real sensation of the game always remains. 

For skilful players who know some of the French roulette tricks, they will find it easy to multiply the bet quickly. There is a benefit of a payout ratio exceeding 97% for those who play French roulette online. Also, several setting options are available for French roulette online players. 

You can place a table minimum and table maximum, depending on the roulette table – the same thing applies to a French roulette online. For instance, some online roulette games have a low stake of 5 euros, while others are recommended for high rollers who like to engage high risk. And as mentioned earlier, you can play French roulette without charges.

French Roulette: How do you play it online?

There are hardly French roulette tricks that work because the game is purely based on chance. Nevertheless, with some strategies, it is possible to increase your chances of winning and lower your risk. By playing the French roulette free version, you can try some tricks to see your ideal strategy. The Martingale system is the most well-known strategy for French roulette. This strategy demands that you bet on a simple chance and double up after suffering a loss. However, practically, such a move may take considerable money quickly with a losing streak as you need to double the bet on each round.

A more suitable system for French roulette is the Laboucher system, most especially if you are playing the game for an extended period. Also, there is the D’Alambert system, which begins with a specific bet raised when a player loses but lowered after a win. 

It is unnecessary to place high-stake while playing French roulette online. By mastering the rules of the games and a befitting strategy for your own good, you can easily secure casino bonus alongside a profit.

Why should you play French roulette?

First off, French roulette gives so much excitement to players. The more rounds you play, the more thrill you are likely to get. For French roulette, you don’t have to master any complex strategies. More so, the game features easy rules. 

Visit your preferred online casino and register to get a bonus. With the bonus, you can start playing the game instantly – you can engage live casino and gamble against real dealers and players using a webcam broadcast, or play against the computer. The experience you get in a real casino is the same with a live casino, as you can even chat with the dealers. It is one of the reasons why the French roulette is so popular among other games. With a touch of glamour and the tension of where the ball will land next, the classic table game is legendary. Besides, you can enhance your chances of winning with a few tricks of the game, and end up as a rich player from one casino to the other.


French roulette remains as one of the most well-known and rewarding games. Despite being an age-long game, it has never lost its thrill and elegance. Also, several people of different ages and genders still play the game – after all, the game is all fun. 

In fact, you can try the game today as the rules of French roulette is easy to learn. However, we advise you to begin with a French roulette free mode to practice your ideal technique. After that, you can go as far as you want, playing the French roulette online game. More so, the game is available in almost every roulette online casino out there. In short, French roulette is a component of the standard repertoire.