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Club Roulette

While for more than two centuries, roulette has been in existence in several casinos, only a few versions of the game have evolved during that time. Hence, the concept remains intact; several roulette players stakes at the table and deal with the tension of the cauldron as the ball falls on a number. Although in some ways, the game appears a little modern, still, it is comparable to the traditional version which has been existing for several decades. 

Recently, several players have become roulette enthusiasts as the game increasingly spread among online casinos. Club roulette, in particular, offers the gamers a chance to relish a variant which makes them feel like gambling in a physical casino – courtesy of excellent graphics and perfect sound effects.

Club Roulette: What is it, and where does the software come from?

Basically, club roulette is a regular roulette game having no special rules, unlike other variants. But the software manufactures ensured that the game feels so real using flashy graphics and perfect sound effects – this makes players more enthusiastic about the game. Playtech, one of the famous game software providers, most especially online slots, designed the software. Primarily, the manufacturer intended club roulette for the table game lovers.

Club Roulette: which casinos offer the game?

To test your club roulette strategy, endeavour to search for online casinos that operate with Playtech software. Considering that Playtech is one of the biggest providers, listing all the casinos will be unrealistic. However, the software developed by the company is available in several casinos online. Be informed that you can only find some of the games on Playtech site while some are combined with the software from other software providers. With a few minutes of search, you will find a whole lot of alternatives to try out a club roulette games.

Club Roulette: What the table looks like at Casino

The club roulette table is similar to the well-known traditional roulette table. The field is central with numbers which players can bet on. Also, some areas are available where you can bet on the first dozen, second dozen, or the third dozen. Furthermore, other fields allow for black or red, high or low, or odd or even number. It features an exclusive property known as the Racetrack. With the feature, a player can choose a number to bet on it; automatically, the same amount used for the bet will be placed on four surrounding numbers (two on each side). Once you click on “spin,” the ball will start rolling on the roulette wheel.

Chances at the Roulette Club game

When it comes to club roulette, there is no special trick to increase chances of winning. The game has similar odds to the traditional roulette – it is only the method of playing that Playtech changed. For instance, betting on a single number means a player will have a 1/37 chance of winning; hence, the player will be paid 35 times upon successful gambling. Also, other betting option increases the chances of winning, but the profit may reduce slightly.

Club roulette: Tricks, Tips and Strategies

Understanding the minimum club roulette stake is the most important thing before considering any strategy. The minimum stake is usually one euro per round. In a round, a player may set ten chips using a value of €0.1. On a table, you can place a maximum of 100 euros – and no higher for a single round. With the club roulette table limit, some specific strategies, which apply to other online roulette, may not be usable with high stakes. At the top right corner, you can check to see the club roulette permanences, which is the number determined in the final rounds.

Mobile club roulette

Understandably, several players want to play club roulette with mobile devices, rather than PC or laptop. Fortunately, the programmers created the game in such a way that it can be engaged on mobile platforms. While on the move, you can place a bet at any time. With a virtual credit, you can test club roulette without any risk of losing real money. Simply visit the mobile website of your preferred casino where you have registered to commence using the mobile version of the game on your tablet or smartphone.