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Card Roulette

Card Roulette

Majority of passionate roulette players who love to play online will be familiar with the name “Card roulette.” Card roulette is among many online roulette variants that offer variety to players. If you would like to try out card roulette, you should learn the rules to details and focus on the peculiarities, even though this variant is only slightly different from the conventional variant. Given that traditional gambling roulette is one of the well-known casino games globally, online providers are striving to develop new variants to deliver unique gaming experiences to the players.

Card Roulette: What you should know about the game

Undoubtedly, card roulette is one of the special roulette versions available in online casinos. However, it would help if you understood that card roulette is not entirely a card game nor a classic roulette variant; instead, it is a combination of the two. Experienced players who have played different games will recognize traditional roulette components in a card roulette game, as well as feel like they are playing at a poker table. More so, this variant offers the best opportunities for passionate players who love to experience special thrills. 

Basically, card roulette has a simple principle. Rather than betting on a single number or general chance, with card roulette, you can only bet on which cards will be shown during the next round. Aside from 52 playing cards, two jokers will be placed around the pot, so that the game structure gives an impression of a classic roulette at first sight. In other words, card roulette is a combination of roulette and poker.

Card roulette: How is the game played?

Considering the sort of playing field used in card roulette, some rules do not apply to the game. However, while looking for an ideal card roulette strategy, you will realize that some opportunities are available to explore. A player is permitted to bet on any one of the 52 cards, odd or even, a card colour, or red or black. Also, players may choose picture cards, and medium, high or low cards. In short, it is impossible to complain about a small selection of chances with this roulette variant. 

Once the chips have been placed, and possible uses stated, you may click the virtual roulette wheel to begin, then watch as the ball lands on a specific field. Thirteen cards from two to the ace represents the card colours such as the clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades. The card game is completed with two jokers, which also offer a higher advantage to the house. However, playing the card roulette online is worthwhile since, aside from the variety which the game provides, it provides exciting chances of winning.

Card Roulette: What is special about the game?

At first sight, you will notice the central peculiarities as no numbers will be positioned around the cauldron – only a full deck of cards. Every roulette card can be used for different wagers since you can tap one card, a card colour, a height of card and colour. Hence, the fundamental principle remains the same as the conventional roulette. As a player of card roulette in an online casino, you can enjoy some exclusive features, which form the special thrills of the game. Here, it is worth noting the bonus from the game which can be secured with a little luck. 

With the special consideration of the history of the chosen cards, the influence of the poker is noticeable. While you can win with a successful bet, you can also get an extra bonus for a huge combination of poker. For instance, if the history of the chosen cards leads to a straight or flush, the player should expect a tremendous bonus. Also, there are a lucrative full house and royal flush which multiplies the stake and result in profitable wins. Only card roulette allows a player to enjoy the thrill of poker cards and also benefit from great poker combinations.

Card roulette: Where can it be played?

In contrast to the traditional roulette, card roulette has a short history as it is an innovated roulette which is still gaining a footing in online casinos. Thus, a right card roulette online casino may be slightly challenging as not every online casino has this variant in place. But card roulette is increasingly getting a deserved recognition among the virtual casinos as it provides players with a comfortable means of getting devoted to the game. 

The number of online casinos that want to provide maximum variety to roulette players is now increasing. Hence, they are giving numerous variations of famous games in their house. Most players feel that the card-based roulette is still a new concept; therefore, they are taking their time learning the procedures before they would engage with real money. Such feeling is known to the providers, and consequently, they are offering opportunities to try the card roulette game without charges. With a demo card, you can play the game a few times without any risk. Card roulette will be easier for experienced roulette players who understand the basic principles of poker.


Among the most significant attributes of Card roulette is higher complexity; thus, it is primarily designed for ambitious roulette players who would like to try something new. Also, this game is recommended for gamers who love poker with a specific level of gaming experience. The most significant drawback of card roulette is the house advantage of the two jokers. However, such a disadvantage is covered with a special bonus. We recommend that a player should develop a good idea to win, but endeavour to try the game first without charges. By so doing, you will be able to submit a card roulette rating and evaluation. Card roulette offers excitement and thrills to players – you just can’t be bored with the game.