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American Roulette

American Roulette

Another variant of roulette is the American roulette. This variant is mostly offered in Las Vegas, among other American casinos. While America roulette is similar to the French roulette, it is easier to play and different in a few regards. Roulette professionals will find this variant quite easy because of their long-standing experience. Currently, American roulette online is available in the majority of online casinos. As a roulette player, you will be able to master the rules of American roulette in a play-money version. 

Now that you are accustomed to the basics of America roulette, let’s share more details about the game and how to play.

American Roulette: What you should know

American roulette is similar to the French variant and features some really simple rules. Fundamentally, compared to the normal online roulette, American roulette game is faster. More so, rather than 37 fields, this variant has 38 fields in its wheel. The extra digit is an additional zero; the American variant has double green zero. Consequently, this gives an edge to the house.

Ideally, two croupiers run an American roulette. Besides, in this variant, there is no betting option for single and double odds – endeavour to keep that in mind. However, American roulette has “racetrack,” which is also available in the American Roulette online variant. With the feature, a player is allowed to bet on the secondary numbers. For instance, you can bet five tokens on the 32, as well as the two opposite fields in the boiler. Close to 7 players can engage this variant as each gamer will have different coloured chips. But be informed that some of this variant’s rule is not used in the online casino since you are playing with a computer.

American Roulette: How it is played online

Only a few minor differences separate the American roulette variant from the French roulette. The rules and the goal of the game are the same; over the wheel of 38 numbers, a small ball will roll until it stops on a number. If a player’s prediction is correct, then the game is won. However, the bet will determine the size of the payout.

American roulette has several setting options. For instance, a player is allowed to wager on one or more combinations of digits and the racetrack. Once you bet a number, known as Plein, your winning will be 35 times a bet. Simple odds such as pair or impair, the top row (19-36), rouge, or noir, the bottom (1-18) translates into one time a bet once a player wins. It is easy to learn the American Roulette rules with a small practice. Afterward, you should be able to play the variant using real money. With a little luck, don’t be surprised to win a considerable amount of money. Despite the house advantage of the bank, the chances of winning in an online casino remain pretty good.

American Roulette: Is it recommendable?

As for the online casino, American roulette is not entirely advisable due to certain lapses. To begin with, a player’s edge is low. Also, only a few American roulette games rule out in the American roulette online. For instance, this variant has a Partage rule, which implies that a player will be entitled to half of his/her bet if the ball falls on zero at a simple chance. However, in an online casino, such a rule does not exist; hence a player will lose all the bet funds. Thus, some of the available advantages of the America roulette in a real casino are absent in an online casino. Importantly, this variant slightly differs from the French roulette due to the double zero. In other words, American roulette will come handy during a pastime – but not absolutely necessary.

For more clarity about the house advantage, read this: European roulette features a 3% advantage to the bank while the American roulette offers a 5.25% advantage to the bank. However, despite all these shortcomings, the variant remains a popular variant in online casinos as many gamers feel better excitement at American roulette.


By now, you would agree with us that American roulette is not entirely different from the French variant. However, while you can choose your number, a combination of numbers, or a group of digits, as you deem fit in an online casino, the house edge as a result of double zero makes it different and stands as a disadvantage to players. 

Currently, some online roulette casinos allow players to try American roulette for free during their first time. Hence, with the free trial, you can decide whether the variant is ideal for you or not. Eventually, you will understand whether the game offers you enough excitement, thrills, and a chance to win.