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3 wheel roulette

3 wheel roulette

For several decades, Roulette remains as one of the most well-known casino games. Also, among the online casino games, any player would appreciate the thrill of this CasinoKlassiker easily. However, while there are several variants of roulette games online, the best among them is the 3-wheel Roulette. 

Basically, 3-wheel roulette variant is designed for the roulette Pros; however, the beginners can also try the game out as most casinos offer a free 3-wheel roulette game. At Mr Green casino, you can engage the best online 3-wheel Roulette either with the real-money mode or the play-money mode. 

As the name implies, the 3-wheel Roulette features three roulette boilers, which means that every player has three superimposed, staggered rows of numbers to contend with. However, as you would expect, it is quite fun and thrilling.

3-wheel Roulette: What you should know about the game

Aside from the excitement that 3-wheel roulette game offers, there is an apparent advantage. This variant provides a 3-fold chance on each spin and very high odds through different combination of bets. As found with the European Roulette, this variant has a slightly smaller house edge, but the odds already complement the slight difference. 

Currently, this variant is available in most online casino; but, by playing at Mr Green, you have the biggest chance of winning. We recommend that you give the game a trial to get immersed into the varied roulette experience. If you find only one zero on each of the three wheels during a play, this implies that the house advantage is slightly lesser compared to other variants. However, for every shot made, three winnings will be calculated. More so, 3-wheel Roulette can be played using a smartphone. The game is available on the app, including the play-money version.

3-wheel Roulette: How is it played online?

As long as you are used to the basic rules of the normal Roulette, you will find it easy to play 3-wheel roulette. However, you have to learn how to use your stake rightly. At Mr Green, there is a free 3-wheel roulette game with a play-money mode; hence, you can try the game out without losing any fund. After a few trials, you will definitely understand the concept of 3-wheel Roulette better. 

Primarily, you must be aware of some things. One bet stands for each wheel during a spin; therefore, a wheel demands one chip. The implication is that for each amount, you will need to bet three times. You are free to bet on any group of digits, number or colour. A profit is determined by the field on which the ball falls. Thus, a player can win 1200 times a bet in a 3-wheel roulette at Mr Green. Undoubtedly, this variant is among one of the best table games in every Roulette online casino – you can’t get a higher winning chance!

3-wheel Roulette: Why is it highly demanded?

Whether you choose to play the 3-wheel Roulette in a free mode or real-money mode, this game tends to initiate a player’s addiction as it offers incredible fun and excitement. More so, the chances of winning a 3-wheel roulette online are increasingly high – not even slot machine can match its standard. 

At Mr Green, a welcome bonus is usually offered to a 3-wheel roulette player after registration. With the bonus, you can play the game for free. IGT, one of the top software companies for casino games, designed the software. Also, this roulette variant possesses a bonus feature. However, the profit highly depends on the bet staked. With three identical numbers, a considerable amount of money can be made. It is even better if you can correctly bet on the three zeros; in such a case, your winnings will be 1200 multiply your bet. Other winning options include a doubled bet if the same colour is found on all wheels, a quintupled bet if the numbers are the same and increased ten times on a single street, for instance, 8.9.10. Obviously, regardless of your bet combination, there is a high chance of winning profitably.


Whether you engage 3-wheel roulette play-money mode or real-money mode, you will surely have fun. Nothing beat the thrills of 3-wheel Roulette regardless of your preferred online casino since, in the real casino or live casino, only one wheel is available. However, this variant is a computer-based casino game, which is set up to allow players to bet on three different wheels, and have a better chance of winning. But you have to be mindful of your bet, so as not to overpay, most especially as the house edge is slightly lesser compared to other roulette variants. Ideally, the game is recommendable for experienced players; however, an ambitious beginner will master the game of 3-wheel Roulette with a few rounds of practice.