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Different Roulette Games

Arguably, the oldest game of chance is roulette. However, since its inception, several variants of the game have emerged. Some of the variants include European roulette, French roulette, American roulette, among others. Considering the vast prevalence among online casinos, roulette currently enjoys great popularity in the internet world, including those who have never played the game in a physical casino before. More so, several casino owners and game software developers have developed different variants, such as multi-wheel roulette, mini roulette, multi-ball roulette, etc., to entice more players to the game. 

The new variants are more common among less conventional players and young roulette enthusiasts. In contrast, those who play frequently using high stakes, i.e., the high-rollers, usually recognize the considerable profit potentials of some variants, and consequently, move to win high profits with little luck. Read further to learn about the overview of the various variants of the game; every variant discussed are mobile and can be played without charges. Enjoy reading!

  • European Roulette

This variant features a single zero and 37 numbers in total within the kettle. Also, it features a pitch layout, which is more similar to the American roulette – each number is marked using a corresponding colour (either red or black). By playing the European roulette using the traditional rules, any player who doesn’t wager on easy chances will have his/her bet returned if zero appears. This is because zero is neither marked as even nor odd, black, or even. The name of this rule is known as “En Prison.” 

Additionally, English is the language of the croupier, while the fields are also marked in English. Among table games in online casinos, the European roulette is the most popular form, featuring players from the EU and Switzerland. Compared to the American roulette, the bank advantage is lesser in French and European roulette; thus, a player has a higher chance of winning.

  • French Roulette

This variant also features a single zero; therefore, it is played with 37 numbers in the wheel. French roulette is significantly different from other variants because of its table layouts – every number is placed in a green background, meaning the numbers are not with a corresponding colour of the field. Consequently, some players consider the area as ambiguous, and as you would expect, the designations are in the French language, including the croupier’s announcement being made in Romance language. Players without a solid understanding of the French language may want to consider the European version. Besides, there is only a slight difference between the rules of the two variants. 

For instance, if the player bet on simple stakes, the players will receive half of their wager, provided the ball shows zero in the kettle. This rule of payment is referred to as the “La Partage,” rather than “En Prison.” Furthermore, in some online casinos, players are allowed to wager on colours, “even,” thirds, “odd” first half, or second half – for casinos that apply the traditional rules, the balls will be positioned in the area of the Zero possible (“Voisins du Zéro”)

  • American Roulette
    Aside from featuring American English, this variant differs from the other forms of roulette because of its double zero “00.” The extra number, which is beyond the scope of simple bets, such as even/odd and black/red, allows for an increased bank advantage compared to the French and American variants. Also, no stake will be returned to a player once he bets on easy chances

and one zero (between the two zeros) shows, and if the game is not being played in any physical casinos located in Atlantic City, USA. 

Although every online American casino offers American roulette on its site, the providers in Switzerland or the EU finalize their offer using the standard and amazingly famous game variant in Europe. Remember that American roulette features reduced chances of winning. Some players who are ignorant of such information will gladly engage American roulette without thinking twice. For this reason, you should read more details in this section. By so doing, you will be playing with complete knowledge of the game.

  • Multi-wheel roulette
    Here, rather than using one wheel (kettle), several wheels will be spinning. However, there is a rule of six roulette max slices turn. With increased speed and a higher chance of winning, the developer of multi-wheel roulette, Microgaming, ensures that it catches the attention of roulette players. When six roulette kettles are spinning at the same time, then there is a higher chance of hitting the right constellations or better still, individual numbers. Bets apply to all kettles since the stakes are made in only one field – not on a maximum of six. Of course, the other side of the coin shows the several times of increased stakes. The software is designed to increase the total stakes six times once a chip is placed on a number for all the six kettles.

    A quick tip: we recommend using smaller sums or refrain from playing with your entire available cauldrons at once. You should begin with a cauldron, then proceed to two, three, four, and many more. In this way, you will get accustomed to the dynamics of the variant without playing at risk of losing your credit entirely. This variant is common among online casinos that provide software and games developed by Microgaming.
  • Mini roulette

This variant, also known as the Little Sister of the Boiler Games, features 35 and more figures, which spur the balls to rotate and jump only on a complete 13 fields – a zero and 12 numbers. NetEnt develops mini roulette, and it is ideal for smartphones and tablets having smaller screens. The chances of winning the simple bets and the number of bets is increased with the lowered amount of numbers. Any player can bet on a single number, such as zero, odd, even, red or black, as well as one of the three thirds. 

An extra variant for related digits (1-6, 4-9, and 7-12) exists because of the limited number spaces. It is no rocket science that mini roulette is popular among smartphone players since players can use their desktop computer, a laptop, or a tablet to play the game in online casinos. While the increased chances of winning show an extensive appraisal of the variant, the version could not really prevail. Several gamers do advise the amateurs to engage this variant only to learn the rules of roulette quickly while others disagree. We recommend that you should check it out and make the best decision for yourself.

  • 3-wheel roulette

You will be wrong to consider 3-wheel roulette as a smaller variant of the multi-wheel roulette. Although it features one cauldron, it has four rings within. Inside the innermost ring, there are fields where the ball stays after the spin – there are no numbers within. After the innermost ring, there are three rings, featuring figures and rotate independently. 

As you would expect, such development is only available on a digital roulette form. Thus, three different outcomes will be available from one effort, and the player gets to win more frequently. We believe that IGT, which is the game’s developer, intentionally enhance the possibility of winning by extra number series compared to the multiple wheels in multi-wheel roulette since six or more wheels on the screen can be quite ambiguous – remember that this is our personal opinion. You can try out the 3-wheel roulette in online casinos that provide games developed by IGT.

  • Card Roulette

Another brilliant invention to make roulette more interesting and attractive is the card roulette. A gamer can play with 52 cards and two wild cards rather than about 38 numbers. Also, a player must choose either one or more particular hands or wager on colours or a combination. Considering the higher amounts of fields, the chances of winning are low; however, it is compensated with some exciting combinations. Nevertheless, it is inadvisable to rely on specific numbers to prevent having a more significant bank advantage. 

Also, new or inexperienced roulette gamers are advised to keep away from the not-very-clear playing field. From our research, card roulette is mostly attractive to the experienced roulette players who seek a little change compared to the regular online casinos. Also, this variant gets the attention of top roulette gamers who are enthused by live roulette casino. While it is worth checking out, endeavour to stake a little. By so doing, you will gain experience with lesser risk. Check Casinoclub.com to play card roulette.

  • Roulette 3D

This variant, which is also referred to as 3D roulette, offers no particular innovations. The distinct difference between 3D roulette and other roulette variant lies in its high-quality graphics. Roulette 3D is available in casinos that provide roulette games that are created by Playtech. In this game, the ball in the bowl has a very detailed and accurate shape, and, in some cases, you can get an extra view from above in another window. 

Honestly, you will appreciate your favourite roulette variant better if it is being offered in 3D. While 3D roulette is available on mobile devices, the charm of the game is better viewed on a larger screen with high-resolutions. Of course, the chances of winning are the same as those roulette having lesser graphic quality. You should check every available 3D roulette without charges, then pick your favourite.

  • Mystery Roulette x 38

As the name suggests, this variant brings something special aside from a reduced number of fields in mini roulette. Mystery Roulette x 38 allows for a ball that does not spin over 36 numbers, and zero, instead, it rotates over two mystery fields – the single question mark and the double question marks. Theoretically, the chance of winning, which is 37, and 36 times in American and European/French roulette, respectively, is increased to 39 times in the Mystery Roulette x 38. 

However, the bank advantage is increased in online casinos. Check out NetEnt casinos, such as Mr. Green, to play this roulette variant without charges after registration or re-registration. In other houses, you can play Mystery Roulette x 38 for free despite no registration – a decent chance to learn about the higher chance of winning the game. Funnily, the two zeros in American roulette cannot be combined with other numbers.

  • Club Roulette
    This variant is exclusively offered by the software manufacturer known as Playtech. In other words, you can only play the game in the online casinos that are affiliated with Playtech. Roulette variants from Playtech are not entirely a new game; instead, they are meticulously modified to become more user-friendly. As for the club roulette, it is formed based on the European roulette, which was expected, considering that the developer’s headquarter is located on the Isle of Man. Developers from Britain developed the ambiance, individual fields positioning, and game options brilliantly. Also, they organized the racetrack with the numbers at the top of the field in an orderly manner. If you would like to play in an online casino controlled by reliable and secure software from Playtech, then consider playing club roulette with one or more chips.
  • Multi-ball Roulette

If there is any game that clearly shows evolution to the roulette game, then it is a Multi-ball roulette. Although the presence of ten differently coloured balls can intimidate some players and distract them from the run of one black ball, nowadays, these players have found a great way to handle the situation. Almost every player can now bet on the Multi-ball roulette game fairly, then benefit from the profitable chances of winning – this is because the NetEnt-developed game offers great speed in the kettle. 

At once, it is possible to spin ten balls, and theoretically, you can win a bet on a field having ten times better profitability. While this can only be shown with statistics, the profits from practice also reveal the benefits of this roulette variant. Contrarily, once all the balls are used, it is compulsory to place ten times your basic bet on the fields. Excitingly, you should position your chip(s), most especially on zero, as every single betting on a number or simple bet, the odds will be zero. However, you will be increasing the possibility of winning significantly if you bet on the green field by yourself – theoretically.

  • Magic roulette

Merkur is one of the reputable brands that have developed some variants of the classic roulette games. Among the roulette variants from the brand is the Magic roulette, which is Merkur’s version of the Mini roulette. Check out the Sunmaker Casino, which is exclusive to Mercury, to try the magic roulette for free, then play for real money, if you want. With magic roulette, you are allowed to wager on one of the 12 numbers. Also, a player can bet on the zero within the rectangular field directly. However, you are not allowed to bet on combinations or rows. 

After betting, a small cauldron featuring 13 numbers and bonus fields will emerge. Although magic roulette has a slightly static animation that doesn’t match the sound, the chances of winning are good enough to engage the game. 

Merkur is a renowned brand for its experience and expertise in the gaming industry. Also, the brand has successfully maintained an online offering with Sunmake Casino for many years. Thus, there is an apparent fine flair in the magic roulette, which most Merkur fans appreciate.

  • Double Bonus Spin Roulette

Although bonus roulette forms the basis for the double bonus spin roulette, this variant features two zeros in the boiler and not three. Also, compared to other numbers of fields, the bonus field is 50% bigger. Thus, the chance of the ball landing on the bonus part of the boiler is increased. In such a case, the casual boiler will emerge in this variant and create space in the already explained 3-wheel boiler. In the beginning, there will be a free rotation, which is also available in the in-game bonus options of the slot machines. 

Therefore, a player will have a simple chance of winning, as well as the number of spinning rings multiplying the probability to increase its use. IGT develops a double bonus spin roulette, and since its release, it has gained wide acceptance from players. Aside from the extra available bonus option, it also includes the 3-wheel boiler, which forms a big success part of the variant.

  • Triple Bonus Spin Roulette
    When it comes to the highest digital evolution of roulette, then try to engage the triple bonus spin roulette. This variant feature three zero fields, and a yellow bonus field. By placing a bet in triple bonus spin roulette, then win, you won’t find the normal roulette wheel on the table

again while a 3-wheel roulette wheel will emerge. With the new wheel, you can win as in the case of the casual roulette wheel, which is expected, considering that IGT develops the two variants. Also, a triple bonus spin roulette offers other known features of the regular roulette table. 

Despite the attractive profit opportunities in triple bonus spin roulette, the drawback lies in a higher bank advantage. However, this drawback may be overlooked considering what this variant offer. Be informed that this roulette form can only be played in a digital online casino – any physical casino won’t be able to match the standard set by IGT with the analogue roulette tables.

  • Roulette Supreme

This roulette variant is developed from the French roulette. Aside from the regular possibilities and functions of traditional roulette, roulette supreme features an oval representation of every field of the wheel, known as a racetrack in the right order. By so doing, it is possible to wager on adjacent numbers within the boiler straightforwardly and comfortably. Additionally, every aspect of the game was redesigned, including the graphics and functions to follow the ball correctly. 

Visit Casinoclub.com to play the roulette supreme. Another feature that makes roulette supreme more convenient is that it allows for a repetition of the previous moves while also displaying the last fifteen winners of the roulette supreme in the online casino. Overall, this variant is an evolution rather than a revolution. However, the improvements and new functions are what really capture the attention of the experienced roulette gamers. Rather than new creations, mastering a roulette variant can bring more success to an online casino visit.

  • Roulette Pro

To keep up with the pace of roulette optimization offers from direct rivals, NetEnt decided to develop a premium form of its roulette with a built-in racetrack. Roulette Pro is a stylish, pleasant variant, featuring piano music and extra functions. The racetrack allows the player to bet on neighbouring numbers with ease and quickly – as seen in Roulette Supreme and Club Roulette. 

Currently, such functions are more prevalent and popular among new gamers and high-rollers. Thus, it is reasonable for major vendors to handle the supplement and integrates them into their premium variants. Understandably, the HD screen adaptation of the casino visitors, visual display, and the intuitive usability of important functions match those of high-end Roulette Pro. Try out this variant for free without registration from online casinos, such as Tipico, and get to experience the realistic ambiance of the premium roulette online game.

  • Roulette Royale

Microgaming brought a huge invention to the game by combining the European roulette with vast benefits of a jackpot game to birth Roulette Royale – the first progressive roulette variant that features international jackpot network. This variant is even more special because the jackpot works independently of the regular objectives on the field. With a single click on the field, you can win the ever-growing jackpot, then go home with millions, theoretically. 

Due to the special and appealing mix of two interesting and attractive winning chances, Roulette Royale is considered as the Olympus of online roulette games. Also, the game has boosted the reputation of Microgaming significantly. Visit online casinos that offer Microgaming games, such as Europalace, to play Roulette Royale. However, bear in mind that it is impossible to play jackpot games in online casinos without registration or freely. Before registration or engaging Roulette Royale, you should watch videos and read reports made available about the game.