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Dear Roulette fans, welcome to Roulette online! 

Kindly go through our list of TOP Roulette online casinos. 

We have a set of test winners, who were selected according to the following factors: Top graphics, highest roulette variations, most beneficial customer service, and best bonuses. 

Join the best online casinos for New Zealand players and enjoy the quality game time. At Roulettesite.co.nz, there is a casino offer for each Kiwi!

Free Roulette Game

With practice games, everyone can play roulette for free. While this may sound uneventful, it is an ideal way to understand and master the concept of the game. You will find free roulette to be quite exciting if you have little or no online experience about the game. Although free roulette doesn’t reward players with cash when you win, it doesn’t cost a dime to run either.

Pick your favourite game

Our website provides over forty roulette variations to players. Perhaps, you are a little confused about what to settle for; you can go classic with the old Roulette Royale. 

Here, by simply picking a practice game, you can play roulette without any charges. While most online casinos demand setting up an account to play their games, other casinos deem it unnecessary. As a result, you play within the normal environment of the casino; however, no real money will be involved. This implies that you have an option to play the game, just like any other person without any charges. Essentially, free roulette is set up to familiarize players with the provider’s software, as well as the game.

Play roulette to Cash Out

Some people found roulette to be exciting only when money is involved – but not necessarily. Actually, the extra fun comes from the tension feeling of whether you have hit the roulette ball right or whether you have made the right decision to win. 

Several casinos give two options to players: To wager money or to engage the free game. You need to set up an account on your preferred online casino to bet euros. Afterward, you have to load money into your player account; nowadays, most casinos get account funding done through iDeal – nice and easy. However, credit card, e-wallet (such as Neteller, Paypal, etc.) and Moneymakers are other options to fund a player account. You just have to choose the perfect option for yourself.

Roulette: Placing your bet

After funding your account, then you can place a bet. A dealer may pronounce “Your bets please” or “Faites vos Jeux.” This means you should proceed to bet on black or red, a combination of numbers, or even or odd number. Afterward, the croupier will allow the bullet to pass through the roulette wheel. Now, you simply have to wait for the result. 

The position which you have bet on will determine how often you will be paid. For instance, for a pay-table showing “1x” in a game, the player concerned will receive winnings once, as well as a returned bet.

Roulette Online: How do you play?

How to play roulette is far from mere craps or the adrenaline rush that comes with other popular games. Ideally, roulette is for the Pros; a game where players suit up and play with a nice drink. However, this website is designed to find a Roulette game with the players and for the players. 

Before a player can enjoy playing a game, he/she have to learn the fundamentals of the game – so we believe. Regardless of whether it helps change your tactics or odd, it is a reliable way of getting much excitement from a game. Hopefully, you can also get to learn about the most suitable game that can give you higher chances.

Roulette Online Casino: Picking the best game

Among online casino games, roulette is classic as it is found in every professional online casino, alongside Blackjack and Craps. Also, it is the most famous casino game across the globe. At Roulettesite.co.nz, we offer a flawless roulette pleasure to our players through a selection of New Zealand Roulette Casinos. With us, you can find the top list of New Zealand roulette casinos. 

In this online casino guide, we have assessed various offers presented by the casinos, mainly for roulette players. Among the evaluated casinos, you can sign up for different recommended providers, as well as utilize their deposit bonuses. In this way, you can easily multiply your starting capital from the onset.

How to play profitably with online roulette systems

With roulette systems, you can increase your profit chances. Perhaps, you aim to win a lot of money by playing roulette online. While it may be rewarding to commence with no pre-determined system, there is a higher chance of not making any profit. But, with savvy playing techniques, you will have a better chance of winning handsomely.

Utilize the right technique

Truthfully, you cannot find a sure-fire roulette system that promises a constant winning whenever you play. However, with some methods, you can increase your chances of winning profitably. In this online guide, you will learn about some exciting techniques to use while playing in an online casino – the basics of winning roulette and staying as a winner. Also, several deployment strategies have been explained to understand the perfect plan and tactics that would work for you. Always employ useful roulette tips to find the best roulette techniques for yourself during a game. With a good roulette system, your game will have structure – it doesn’t necessarily translate to winning, but it will increase your winning chances.

Live Roulette: What it feels like

The introduction of online roulette marked the beginning of a real revolution. For many years, online roulette has been existing with so much excitement that only a few people now go to physical casinos to play roulette and other casino games. With online casinos, every roulette enthusiast can enjoy a quality game time from the corner of their room. In no time, online casinos emerged as a huge success. However, despite the convenience and fun which the online roulette offers, several players miss the sensation, ambiance, and excitement that characterize a social roulette in a physical casino. Well, not too long ago, online casinos developed a solution by creating a live casino, featuring online live roulette, among other games.

As you would expect, live roulette appeared in the first live casinos. till today, online live roulette is available to players in all online casinos that offer a live casino. Rather than a virtual table, you will be playing on a real table in a physical casino with a human roulette croupier leading the game. With the live stream, you will be experiencing the full action first-hand. From our pages, you can read about the casinos that offer live roulette, the available variants, the developers, and many more.

Live Roulette

Roulette online: What are the available variants

In the last few decades, there has been an evolution of roulette variations and rules. Here, we need to buttress the rules between the American roulette and the European roulette. The two variants feature 1 to 36 numbers on the table and the wheel; however, European Roulette has zero. On the contrary, American Roulette features two extra fields aside from the zero and double zero. With the extra fields, the casino has a higher advantage over the players. In other words, casino owners have a higher edge over the players while playing American Roulette.

To understand how such an advantage can influence your balance, download Roulette online, and play on your computer for a little while. You can make such evaluation without challenges since you will be playing using a virtual credit on the variant; hence, you cannot suffer any real loss. Experience various components on the roulette game on your laptop and also, check out the French roulette – a different variant from European roulette due to the so-called “En Prison” rule. With such a rule, a gamer will be entitled to only 50% of his/her bet if the ball falls on zero.

Three-Wheel Roulette

In this roulette guide, we have recommended not only top online casinos, but also collate different online roulette variants, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of your roulette game time. Here, we would like to emphasize on the new 3-wheel roulette game variant. Primarily, this online roulette variant is designed for professional casino players with experience in a roulette game. However, do not get us wrong; beginners can also engage the variant as every player have equal access to the fun and prospect of winning big. Rather than one, 3-wheel roulette is played with three roulette boilers in one. Thus, the boiler is filled with three rows of numbers assembled above one another in a staggered manner.

Roulette online providers: How reliable are they?

A provider’s reliability is one of the most vital components of our casino reviews. To truly ascertain the authenticity of a provider, we focus on the source of their license. For the casinos that secured a licence from an EU country such as Malta, we realize that they hardly offer a better service compared to those licensed from a country beyond the EU. However, it is worth noting that various authorities utilize different framework conditions for the issuance and assessment of a casino licence.

On a daily basis, individual players may not be adversely affected; however, in a case of dispute, you are within your right to contact the authority responsible for the licence held by the casino. Furthermore, an online casino test is also performed by considering the number of deposit methods available to players. Also, we consider the encrypted connections which are utilized for every transaction, as well as the form and duration of payments.

Online Roulette: What software is employed?

In many cases, the first area to consider when a player provides an online casino review is the game selection. While you may consider the number of games to choose from, another important consideration should be the variety. For instance, for some providers, the slot machine sector is highly vital, while others give importance to having different varieties.

Casino game varieties include blackjack, roulette, scratch cards, among other rarely offered games. Aside from the games, another essential consideration is the software provider that works for a casino. Again, the casino reviews are subjective, as you may encounter huge offers from the top providers in the game.

Roulette Online: How exciting are the bonus offers?

While assessing an online casino, the bonus offers which a casino makes available to gamers is highly crucial. This includes bonus offers to new players on their first deposit(s), after registration, and also the available bonus for high-performing current players.

Aside from having different bonuses, the majority of top online operators offer huge roulette bonuses on their program as well as present favourable conditions to the gamers. In other words, players should only have to bet the extra credit a few times, then withdraw the received amounts, and the winnings earned. Also, endeavour to consider the various kind of bonus offers; online slot enthusiasts find free spins to be exciting, but roulette players value other bonus variants more.

Is customer service reliable?

Finally, customer service is another crucial aspect of an online casino review. In contrast to the conventional casino, making a direct conversation with the employees is impossible. Hence, it is essential to understand what time you can reach the representatives, as well as the available methods to contact customer support. Email is the most common option; however, there is also live chat on website and phone call options. Also, various operators offer different times for support.

A casino review claiming 24/7 support for the players is a great option. However, to several players, such a claim is not a significant advantage if the representatives are only active during the day. Aside from the support quality, it is always exciting to know about the terms and conditions of a casino. Within the terms and conditions, some casinos often hide lapses, which clients should know. If you would like to learn more, endeavour to read more information about roulette on our site.

Hopefully, our recommendations will come handy in winning huge profits from your game. Good luck!